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Night 71: Sun Room

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Now this place, he remembered intimately for a number of reasons. Goku couldn't feasibly count the number of times Taura, Birdy, and he had come through here to get to the basement. Most of the time they had been stopped by someone or something lurking in here. The memory started his heart pumping with excitement. It had been a long time since he had a proper fight!

The one with Birdy didn't count. Goku thought back further and stopped on the time he had attacked Kibitoshin in this exact room. He tried, but he couldn't remember why he had wanted to defeat the man... Either way, it had been a great fight. It was also the night he had truly met Taura and everything she was capable of. Yeah, those were all fond memories!

Welp. Goku flicked his gaze back and forth within the spacious room, but nothing seemed willing to assault him. That was a real drag!

"Ah well..." Technically, he had a job to complete. Reluctantly, he peeled his feet off the carpet and moved to the doors that lead into the main hallways. He could there'd be a lot of people out there to throw these bricks at.

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[SC thread! If you want to try and fight off a brainwashed Korra, tag in here!]

These prisoners here deserved what they got. That was, at least, how it seemed to Korra when she was told what she needed to do. The guy who'd been briefing her hadn't been the friendliest ever, but that didn't matter.

These criminals were escaping, and it was the Avatar's job to stop them. To get them back to their rooms where they belonged.

Korra lit the room around her by lighting a fire in her palms as she stalked in and around the chairs of the Sun Room. She was in her proper Water Tribe getup again, fabrics and soft leathers that were great for moving around.

The room itself was pretty big; it was possible to sneak around her, if one was extremely careful, but was it worth the risk? Maybe, if one didn't know what Korra was capable of without the limits of the Institute.
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[From here]

Scar stepped into the Sun Room, light pointed directly at the figure who was silently patrolling the room. It was difficult to make out their identity in the dark, but it was unmistakable that there seemed to be a torch coming straight out of the person's hand.

"Are you friendly?" He stuck to the door, not wanting to charge in and leave the boys on their own. It wasn't that they couldn't handle themselves, but it was an instinct he couldn't shake, no matter the situation.
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Al watched the young woman warily, staying to the right of Scar. He held himself in a ready position, his bomb held loosely and ready to throw. He'd rather try and blind her than cause any harm, especially if she had been brainwashed. It wasn't her fault she was in their way.
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Ed also watched her and kept a tight grip on his flashlight, bouncing on the balls of his feet, ready to move if it turned out she wasn't a friendly.
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"Funny you should ask." Korra's free hand shot up to her eyes when the big guy's flashlight blinded her. Three of 'em. One tough guy, and two kids, probably a bit younger than she was. Their ages didn't matter to her, though. They were the enemy, and that was all that counted.

"You guys need to go back to your rooms. Now." Never one for patience, she was only giving one warning. Her tone was far from friendly as she sank down into a more ready position. The boss had told her they'd be coming to this room, hadn't he?
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Funny he should...?

"She's been brainwashed," he murmured to Ed and Al. The demand that they return to their rooms confirmed it. That had been Lingormr's focus, had it not? Forcing him to turn back. He kept his light on her, scowling when she sank into a fighting stance. He was conflicted about fighting a young woman, and was certain that he could overpower her without hurting her.

Unless she had otherworldly abilities he didn't know about. Her complexion ruled out homunculus, but there were other oddities around the Institute. Scar was certain of that much.
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Alphonse tensed and nodded, shifting to be ready to dart out. "Let's just try to knock her out if we can. I don't like the look of that fire she's got."
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"Thirty cens says she can control that fire," Ed muttered as he moved to be ready to run at her from the opposite direction as Al.
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Korra growled under her breath. She didn't care about what they had to say, but they weren't listening to her.

"I said... go back... to your rooms!" She had no patience for criminals. In between her words, she sent shots of air in the other three's direction, strong enough to knock them backwards.

She was told not to kill anyone, and she didn't want to kill anyone. But she could rough them up 'til they did what they were told.

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After the above fight is over...

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[From here.]

As they moved through the door, Lloyd subtly flexed his hand, then switched his sword over, giving him a chance to do the same with the other hand. The numbness was definitely spreading. It felt like it was in both hands now. He could still feel, the sensations dull and muted, but would it be enough. If he had to fight something, could he keep a strong grip?

He shook his head, trying to distract himself from the worry-

-and then the Sun Room itself gave him distraction enough. Lloyd's footsteps slowed, taking in the damage revealed by the flashlights. There were literal scorch marks on the floors, dark sweeping patches he'd thought were shadows at first, except there wasn't anything casting them. "What happened in here?" he asked uneasily, eyes darting around the darkened room for any sign of whatever had damaged the floor. Whatever - or whoever. Unbidden, a memory of a monster leaped to his mind. Lloyd had learned long ago that where there was one monster there were usually others, and this room wasn't all that far from where he, Ed, and Al had run into that shadow monster and its cat. Swallowing, he did his best to tighten his grip on his sword hilt. He'd have to be ready in case there was was still something here.
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So both Lloyd and Kratos were familiar with these teleportation pads. Something known in their world, though with the way Lloyd was speaking, they were not pleasant to deal with. Castiel more or less knew what to expect from these pads by now, and he was willing to use as many as needed until they reached this records archive they'd all received notes about.

Curious though Castiel might be to read Lloyd's note in the event that there was anything else of interest there, he focused instead on entering the Sun Room. The first thing he did was inch toward the right, where the library was, but he also paused the moment that the beam of his flashlight hit upon scorch marks.

It wasn't so hard to believe that there was a creature here that could spit fire. Castiel wouldn't have even blinked an eye if there was a dragon skulking around, not hiding in human form but out in full force. It was quiet now, but that didn't mean there wasn't something lying in wait for them.

He gave Lloyd a sharp look, an unspoken order to stay quiet, and continued to move toward the library. If they didn't draw attention to themselves, maybe they could pass through unnoticed...
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[Sorry for lateness!]

As they entered the Sun Room, Kratos fell to the back of the group, continuing to slowly scan the room with his flashlight as they inched forward toward the library. The scorch marks on the ground clearly indicated that someone or something was here, yet he could hear and see nothing...this would be an appropriate time for his crystal to "malfunction" and start working again...Lloyd asked the question they were all wondering, and Kratos shot him a pointed look to match Castiel's, even though his wouldn't be seen since Lloyd's back was to him. The last thing they needed was to be discovered before they had even reached the entrance to the third floor again.

Finally, they made it to the door leading into the library. Moving back up to the front, Kratos tested the lock. The door was closed, but unlocked, so he twisted the knob and then gently eased the door open. He motioned for the other two to go through before him and then swiftly followed them inside.

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passing through with permission!

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[From here.]

...But more concerning than knowing the route was the Sun Room itself, as Zero was very quick to find out.

What the-? He halted at the doors immediately, briefly holding one arm out as a way to stop his allies in case they hadn't noticed right away. Something had been here - or, if they were unlucky, was still here. If the scorch marks all over the place were any clue, it had probably been a fire breathing monster of some kind, and it might have already gotten into a fight with some other prisoners. Just what they needed to deal with right now...

Zero scanned the room multiple times trying to see if he could spot any shapes that might be creatures rather than chairs, but wasn't able to see anything unusual. If the monster was still here, then it was good at hiding. But maybe they could slip past unnoticed if they were careful? Zero would prefer that, especially if it meant avoiding this unnecessary fight...
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Even though they were half-way through to the trapdoor leading to the basement, Sechs refrained from thinking the words, "So far so good" to himself, as that was just asking for trouble. Especially since their trip meant going through the Sun Room; during the day it was always safe (except for those annoying cats) but Sechs knew that it was a hotspot for monsters and brainwashed prisoners at night.

Such caution was proved the moment Sechs entered the Sun Room just behind Zero and Aigis. The traces of a blazing battle were clear within the darkness. Seeing the severity of the burns left Sechs feeling just a little disappointed -- he obviously had missed a pretty good fight by a few minutes...

However, that aforementioned fight may not have been over though. As much as Sechs loved a good tussle, it was the last thing they needed here. Like his companions, Sechs scanned the room as keenly as he could but he knew he couldn't totally trust his senses at night. Not when imaginary shadows were being forced into his vision by the drug. He had to depend on his instincts and the reactions of Zero and Aigis. When nothing dangerous seemed to be detected by his allies, Sechs took the risk and stepped forward into the open.

When nothing pounced forth from the darkness, Sechs signaled to the others with a jerk of his head before moving on, stooping low to avoid possible detection as he made his way to the cafeteria.

[To here.]
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[From here, and I'm guessing for an altercation with Korra?]

While the Sun Room was quiet enough when Sora first stepped in, it was always like that. It tried to seem peaceful and calm, but that was only to make ambushing easier. It wasn't like this room was always guarded, but it was a safe bet that it would be tonight.

Sora's hunch was confirmed when he shone his flashlight around and realized there were markings on the ground, like it'd been burned. That wasn't a good sign. Trying to fight off fire wasn't an easy task, and burn wounds were no laughing matter either. Sora drew in a breath, scanning the area for any sign of an enemy...
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WHOOPS, spellcheck really screwed up that last tag. Sorry, bros!

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A mine...

"They can broadcast through the intercom in a mine?" she wondered, mentally cycling through the noises she'd heard and applying them to the acoustic environment she knew would be in a mine. "They've got to be planning something..."

Tsubaki was less sure that going on a search for the rebels would result in good things; she worried her bottom lip, falling into silence as the Sun Room's door came into view, keeping her thoughts to herself so she could focus on maintaining her breathing. They'd have to keep their ears open for more messages. Hopefully there no unpleasant surprises in store for the prisoners...

Before she could even step foot into the room, she picked up a singed smell, like something there had recently been a fire. That alone immediately put Tsubaki on edge.
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The disturbances in the room weren't lost on Kyousuke, either, who found himself frowning at what to him, looked like the remnants of some kind of hissatsu technique. It seemed quiet, for now, but the remains of a fight in here weren't a good sign. It would be problematic if they ran into anything before they even made it to their destination

"... We should take a run for it," he suggested quietly. Just in case. He'd rather take an unnecessary precaution than end up in a fight that could have been avoided.
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Sorry about the wait!

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Korra had awoken from her last altercation lightheaded and dazed. Her memory returned to her shortly, and she was on her feet in a flash upon hearing more escapees coming toward the room. It was just like Big Guy had said. They hadn't beaten her up, or tied her up... But still. She was livid that she had lost.

And these newcomers were unfortunately going to have to face the brunt of her frustration.

"Hey!" She didn't have any patience for any of them anymore. Korra ignited a sizable fire in each hand, a warning as she glared down the inmates who'd just stepped into the Sun Room. Tsubaki was with them? And the guy with the funny hair? She hadn't had them pegged them as the type to turn traitor! They were smarter than that, weren't they?

Not that it mattered, now.
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Sora wouldn't have minded making a run for it. It seemed like the best plan, if they really wanted to get to the third floor before night ended. But right as he was about to take off in a jog toward the library door, he heard someone call out from the middle of the room.

Two balls of fire floated in the air, and it was only after a moment of squinting that Sora realized there was someone standing there. The fire was coming out of her hands -- some kind of magic? It was rare for Sora to see someone who could do that without having some sort of weapon like a staff (or a Keyblade) to channel the spell.

But wait a second... this girl looked like the person that Tsubaki had described! Sora spun back toward her, eyes wide. "Is that... is that your friend?"

What did they do? They could try to run to avoid a fight so that the girl didn't feel terrible tomorrow morning, or they could try to knock her out cold so that she didn't have the chance to terrorize any other people. In the end, that would be up to Tsubaki.
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Tsubaki had half a mind to agree with Tsurugi's suggestion, too, but the sight of someone rising to their feet chased those thoughts straight from her head.

Her jaw dropped. "Korra-san!?" So she was here.

Shocked, she turned to Sora at his question, and the look on her face was probably enough of an answer. If the Institute had ordered Korra to guard the Sun Room, then the traces of fire damage likely belonged to her, and that meant she was going to be guarding the room from them...

This is bad.

"Korra-san, you know we don't want to fight," she said to the girl, keeping her hands in view.
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So Korra was Tsubaki's roommate? That explained why her description had sounded so familiar. The question was, what did they do now? Kyousuke didn't want to end up fighting another patient, but if it came to that, then he wouldn't have much choice to defend himself.

For the moment, all he could do was remain silent while Tsubaki tried to pacify her, watching carefully in anticipation of this backfiring. There would be no sense in helping; he hadn't even been able to get through to one of his best friends earlier in the day. What could he say to someone he'd only spoken to briefly a couple of times? He did, however, make a quick glance towards Sora, hoping he was just as ready to move if things got too intense.
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"Yeah? Then why'd you break out?" Korra called back. The fire in her hands grew dangerously as she approached the group.

"If you don't want to fight, go back to your rooms." It was a simple enough solution to Korra.
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So sorry, guys, I misplaced this notif!

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Of all the places for Tsubaki's friend to be placed, why did it have to be here? It was almost like Landel had known that they would be heading this way.

Sora had gone through this enough times that he knew there was no hope of snapping someone out of it, at least not with words. All they could do was fight and try to incapacitate her, or run and hope for the best. Korra wasn't going to budge no matter what they did.

"I'm sorry, but we can't do that," he said with a shake of his head. "You'll understand soon..." Sora glanced over to Tsubaki, questioning her silently. What did she want to do? Sora wasn't going to make any sudden movements until Tsubaki had decided how she wanted to handle her roommate. He'd follow her lead.
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[from here]

The Sun Room looked like someone had given plasma arcs to a team of new recruits. Scorch marks were everywhere, although nothing was on fire, and she didn't smell burnt flesh and hair. Or at least not enough to start looking for where the bodies had been stashed.

"Move," she hissed, and ran for the door to the library. It had been a long time since they'd last been caught in an ambush here, but their luck might have just run out.
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Rita didn't need to be told twice. She took off in a dash, running straight for the Library door.

It was a surprise that Goku was actually able to put some sort of responsibility before his seemingly random whims. Maybe he wasn't a complete idiot. Just 99% idiot. Rita wasn't sure what to say to their plans to meet tomorrow night. She supposed she could tolerate that brat again, if it meant learning more about 'Farwell' and whoever sent him on a delivery mission.

But, well, she'd worry about tomorrow when it was tomorrow. Now, she had to focus.

[from here]