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Night 71: Cafeteria

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"Eh--" This place, in the dark with no other people running around and no delicious-smelling food all over the tables, seemed a lot larger now that he was standing in it all alone. Or, at least, he thought he was alone.

"Helloooo?" he called out experimentally. He waited for an answer, but all he got was his own echo. At first he thought it was another patient, but when nothing stirred in the dark, the young boy took the hint. It would have been nice if he could just dump all these brick things on everyone all at once so he could go find his own excitement, but it looked like this adventure wouldn't be completed so easily.

What a drag.

After one last moment of staring blankly into space, the monkey boy began waddling toward the door in search of someone who would lighten his load.

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Out of one potentially dangerous area into another.

Sechs halted shortly past the entrance of the cafeteria, his eyes straining to spot any hazards ahead but seeing nothing but shadows instead. Some of these dark shapes were still, while others moved on their own. Sechs' brows furrowed together with uncertainty. He couldn't always tell which shifting shadow was real or illusion. It didn't help that the parasite was sniggering away in the back of his consciousness either...

In that moment Sechs lost his outward confidence. He remained standing on the spot, his eyes glaring forward as he waited for the others to catch up.

"You... You two see anything...?" Sechs muttered, hoping they would be able to spot out the true threats he was blinded from.
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The scorched Sun Room left behind, Aigis was ready to head straight through at the same pace as before but she came to an abrupt halt when Sechs stopped in front of her. Thankfully, she managed to stop just before she collided into his back. Immediately she was crouching low, reaching for the claws she kept in her pockets.

Hyper-aware, Aigis glanced about but she didn't get that odd, tingly feeling she usually got right before an attack. Replacing her claws, she shook her head and spoke in a low tone. "It seems clear to me. We should hurry along."

She glanced towards Zero. "If you see anything Zero-san, do be sure to speak up. I will not hold back either."

And with that said, Aigis rushed across the open room to the next hurdle in their journey.

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