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Night 71: Kitchen

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First rule of business: a spoon. Sure, he could have used his hands, but Goku had learned that ice cream and those meaty warm pads at the end of your arms tended to melt most of it onto the ground before you could get it to your hungry face hole.

If he wanted to eat his share, then a utensil was necessary. Setting down the carton and his satchel for just a moment, the little boy hopped up on the counter and began rifling through the various drawers that lined the granite he was currently perched on. Most of it, he found, were odd tools that were a lot more complex than just a scooping thing. Some looked more like weapons, but eventually he found one that kinda resembled a spoon. The part that held the food was a lot more concave and big, but hey! That just meant it could hold more ice cream in one scoop.

"He heee!" Dropping back down with a victorious chuckle, he picked his things back up and opened the carton lid, only to toss it away somewhere in the kitchen. It would only hinder his eating actions if he kept it around on his journey. With that, he walked out of the kitchen with a mouthful of mint chocolate chip.

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The kitchen was abandoned but the door had been opened previously, from what Aigis could tell. Perhaps someone else had already beat them down into the basement area.

Full of determination, Aigis flew across the tile flooring with only a quiet padding of her feet. So far she hadn't noticed any dangerous creatures here, either, but if Sechs thought he had seen something before then there was still a chance of danger if she wasn't careful.
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This was certainly one of Zero's luckier nights, wasn't it. Not only had his group managed to avoid whatever had started a fire fight in the Sun Room, but they had also gone several rooms and halls without anything going horribly wrong at all. Hopefully their luck wouldn't be quick to run out...he had a feeling they'd need quite a bit of it for the rest of the night.

At least they seemed to be relatively alone since entering the Sun Room. All three of them were on alert, but no one was noticing anything that might want to attack them. ...Except for Sechs at one point, but Zero was wondering about that when the room had seemed clear. His moment of hesitation and lost confidence...was he spooked by something the others couldn't detect? Was it related to his previous unusual actions? Whatever it was, it was almost enough to make Zero question out loud, but being (appropriately) hurried along by Aigis made him hold it back.

Instead, he returned most of his focus to their surroundings again, especially when they entered the kitchen. From hereon out, this was unfamiliar territory to him; he would now allow the other two to lead and keep watch from the back, taking in all the sights in the meantime. If there seemed to be something useful here, he may just have to come back another time to grab it. So far, there didn't seem to be anything beyond the possibility of other makeshift weapons, though...

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