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Night 71: Walk-in Refrigerator

"Heeave-hooo!" A scruffy voice shouted as a piece of the floor shifted. After a few aborted attempts, the obstinate square relented to the boy's unusual strength. Even still, it was really heavy! Goku was used to going toe-to-toe with dinosaurs for a simple morning work out. A piece of rock shouldn't be this wearisome.

Ah well.

Pulling his squat little body through the hole was easy. It was his bulging sack of delicate machinery that gave him problems. With a few not-so gentle tugs, the little monkey boy freed it from the greedy labyrinth below them. Curious, he peered down below as if he hoped to see something that hadn't been there previously.

"Hooo..." he breathed a sigh of relief before pull the strap over his head. Goku was so short the bag practically touched the ground, but he still made a fine pack mule. A pack mule on a mission! But first, he helped himself to a carton of ice cream. He'd get a spoon in the kitchen on his way out.

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...And the next area seemed to offer little but cold. As soon as he entered the room, Zero immediately shivered out of reflex. The usual internal grumbling about being human naturally followed for a few brief moments, though considering the situation and the unfamiliar room, he was at least able to quickly focus again.

Looked like there was nothing but food kept in here...oh, right. Sechs did say it was a freezer, wasn't it? That explained a lot (through temperature alone, really). So the trap door was in here, huh? Zero could see why it would be an ideal location to hide it; with nothing but cold and food in here, it wasn't exactly an ideal place for a prisoner to go exploring in. That was probably why no one was in here, either. Still, Zero kept his guard up, scanning the area so his allies could get to the trap door with someone watching their back.

It didn't take him long at all to notice one of the floor's tiles had been removed, however. Was that it? Sechs and Aigis would show him for certain in a moment anyway, but whether it was or wasn't correct, it was a curious sight nonetheless.
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The moment Sechs stepped into the refrigerator he realized that he had made an awful mistake. ("And a stupid one at that!" Sechs mentally berated himself with a scowl.) He had forgotten that the way to the basement was through the freezer -- the last place he needed to be exposed to when he had a parasite which loved anything that was dark and cold...

By then it was too late to back off, for as soon as the chilling air seeped its way beneath Sechs' suit, he couldn't stop himself from visibly cringing from the freezing pain shooting throughout his back muscles. Gritting his teeth, Sechs' threw his free hand back up to clutch into the nape of his neck, desperately pressing his warm fingers against the unnatural cold but to no avail. The shadows were rapidly growing thicker in his vision, threatening a complete invasion upon all his senses. He had to get out of there now.

"This way!" Sechs growled, pushing his way to the trapdoor in the corner of the room. "Can't stay here too long...!" He would not let any questions from the others reach him, nor allow any more seconds for the drug to ensnare his nerves. All he could do was haphazardly make his way down the stairs, anxious to reach warmer air before things got worse.

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