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Night 75: Fitness/Wellness Center (third floor)

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Like each time before, crossing onto the third floor resulted in some minor nausea. Tsubaki had readied herself for it, and in a second the wave of discomfort was no more than a fading memory as she adjusted to the darkness. And like each time they'd stepped off the warp pad and into the Fitness Room, the room itself was empty aside from the two of them.

Being alone for so long was strange, wasn't it...

She looked around, half-expecting something after Landel's ominous warning, but her senses picked up very little. "We're okay for now..." she said aloud, both for Korra's sake and her own, a means of breaking up the third floor's stillness a little. "Do you want to head the same way as last time?"

They hadn't gotten very far to exactly decide on a route, but each night they got a little closer. A little progress counted for something.
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Night 75: Underground Lake

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The moment Sechs felt his powers seep away from his grasp he knew they had entered Landel's territory. They must have been just below the institute grounds at this point. He and Taura would have to make the rest of their trek without any significant boost to their speed. Thankfully they seemed close to the end of the subway and before long the claustrophobic walls of stone and moss gave way to a grand cavern. They had reached the underground lake.

"So... This is that lake Marc and Sora were talking about!" Sechs remarked with a whistle, taking in the impressive scene before him. The cavern presented itself as a collection of environmental contrasts, an open yet oppressive landmark with unnaturally white sand set against impenetrable darkness. The central lake was but a black silent spot in the ground, nearly indistinguishable from a solid or a liquid. For all Sechs knew, it could have just been an enormous pit with no bottom or an expansive ring of black ice.

Such comparisons reminded Sechs of his M-U, causing his back to twinge and ache. Slowing down to a burdened shuffle, Sechs stepped off the rocky ground onto the eerily white sand. There he stopped to recover his energy, crouching down upon the sand with his crowbar supporting some of his weight. "Didn't think I'd be visiting this place from outside of the institute!" he panted, "Now we just gotta get across..."
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Night 75: Basement - Grand Ballroom

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Dim light met her eyes and Aigis blinked, attempting to adjust her sight. As usual, the depth of the ballroom was rather stunning in its own way, if it didn't hold such terrible truths behind it. It was just another of Landel's sick games, but here she was, looking to see if there was a way to escape after this.

Surely there was something... A hidden tunnel or another secret room. There was the door that she had not yet gotten to pass, but surely could after the fight in the Coliseum.

At odds with herself, Aigis reached into her pillowcase and pulled out one of the items she had salvaged from the pantry. A box of crackers. That would work. Taking out a sleeve of the crunchy treats, Aigis opened it and began to eat a few while she considered her options.
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Night 75: Walk-in Refrigerator

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This was it. From here on, Aigis was going to be alone when she went down there, and there was no one to blame but herself for this hideous condition.

No. She had one person to blame above even herself.

Martin Landel.

Grimly, Aigis tightened her grip on her pillowcase and shoved aside the trap door. As carefully as she could, Aigis descended into a place she hoped she never had to see again after this night.

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Night 75: Kitchen

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She was nearly out of breath when she entered the kitchen. Already, she was feeling worn out. Aigis needed fuel. Food.

Deviating from her course for a moment, Aigis moved to one of the pantries on the side to find something to help her recharge.

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Night 75: Cafeteria

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Here, the air was still, stagnant. No one had been here tonight, and she hoped nothing would be in here waiting for her, either.

Quickly, she raced across the room and over the counter. She didn't look back to see if anything followed her.

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Night 75: Secret Stairs

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Link struggled to force his eyes to adjust to the sudden white light of the moving staircase. As always, they began moving as soon as he stepped up. He turned to face Sora, finally breaking the silence.

"Hopefully the top brings us partially through the journey like it did last night."
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Night 75: Patient Library

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Once they got inside of the library, Sora definitely slowed down. It just didn't feel like the kind of place they could run in, since libraries were always supposed to be quiet.

Besides, they were going to have to pull the switch in the bookshelf first anyway. Sora knew exactly where the Oxford book was now, so without any delay he moved over and yanked it out.

The door slid open and he turned back to Link. "Let's go."
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Night 75: Sun Room

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Link broke into a run as soon as he crossed the threshold of the Sun Room. Even if something was waiting for them in here, there was absolutely no time to be wasted. He only made sure that Sora was still with him as he approached the door into the library.
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Night 73: Basement: The Coliseum

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Sechs jolted awake, instantly aware that everything had changed around him -- yet he had no idea on what exactly was different now. For some reason he had fallen and was flat out on his stomach upon what felt like sand. He was completely dazed by the suddenness of it all. Had he just woken up from a dream? Coughing, the perturbed Replica lifted his head up and shook the dirt out of his shaggy hair. "...Wuh?"

Blinking at the disturbed sand beneath him, Sechs' brain scrambled to catch up with what had just happened, feeling as though he had inexplicably crashed like a computer and was just rebooting with fragmented memories. The hell...? The last thing he remembered was being in that darkened hallway with Aigis and Soushi, just after the stone snake received their blood in exchange for entry. He was sure he was just standing a second ago, waiting for the door to open before them... Now why was he suddenly dumped out in some dirt?

Compared to the pitch-black corridor from before, this new environment was brightly lit, leading Sechs to think that he was outside. Digging his hands into the sand, the Replica thought -- even hoped -- that he was back at the wastelands surrounding the Scrapyard. Yet he quickly found that to be untrue once he pushed himself up to his knees and got a good look around himself.

He was in an arena of some sorts, one which dwarfed the first one he and his allies encountered after discovering the armory two nights ago. Squinting his eyes against the overwhelming light, Sechs could somewhat make out the walls encircling him and the rows of seats above. It was like the feature presentation to the basement's glorified ballroom. Was this arena the whole purpose of the basement? A place of glamor and battle for Landel to entertain his guests with?

Sechs wasn't able to contemplate further on this question, as he realized that his whereabouts wasn't the only thing that had changed. Something inside him felt different -- no, not different, restored. The last time he felt this freeing sensation was during that one night when the institute's control over its prisoner's abilities had been lifted. Did this mean...?
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Night 73: Basement, South Hall

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This hall was much shorter than the other two she and Sechs had traversed together. Much shorter. And all they had here was one large door, and it was much more ominous than their last one. The creatures there reminded her of Shadows while the ones on the other reminded her of Personas. What would this lead them to...

There was even some writing above the head of the snake that protruded out at them. An offering of blood was needed, but did the message mean that only two of them could pass through? Aigis wondered. By all accounts, she and Sechs were the leaders of their party.

"Sechs-san and I should give the offering," Aigis stated, her eyes turning to Soushi. "We appreciate your company, Soushi-san, but if there is something dangerous on the other side then we will be leading you into further darkness."
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Night 73: Basement: Grand Ballroom

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A dizzying moment later and Sechs found himself once again beneath the glorious chandelier of the basement's impressive ballroom. The sudden brightness of his new surroundings stung his eyes at first. Once his senses adapted, Sechs turned to check to see if his allies had made it through ok. "You two alright?"

Seeing they had arrived in one piece, the Replica promptly redid the usual procedure of feeding the teleportation ring a drop of his blood. By then Sechs had less difficulty using his machete to cut into the base of his thumb, but the sharp pain and the nagging ache which followed afterwards still bugged him. Just how many more times would he have to do this bloody routine before he found freedom from this damned place?

Once the ring was fed, Sechs turned his attention towards the imposing door from across the ballroom. The marble-set gateway loomed before them, like a silent opponent awaiting their first move. Sechs' curiosity had been vexed by the enigmatic door ever since he laid eyes on it two nights ago. Unsheathing the ornamental sword from his belt, Sechs made a predatory bee-line for the door and held up the artifact beside one of its empty indentations. The sword made a perfect fit.

Grinning, Sechs turned towards his allies. "Hey! This sword definitely fits as a key!" he called. Turning his attention to Aigis, he added, "Now let's give that shield a try!"

Night 73: M51-M60 Hallway

This was unacceptable.

But this had gone past unacceptable a long time ago. He woke as if from a brief nap, refreshed and clear-headed, with no idea what day or night it was and how long ago he'd been asleep. There was only the faint stiffness of his bones and the lingering whiff of dinner to give him the faintest guess, the last crackles of the first nightshift announcement fading as he pushed himself out of bed.

There was nothing left to do, here, beyond putting one foot in front of the other. Discover his sword; discover the unlocked door; discover how much time had disappeared; try to discover whether his last remaining contact still had the patience to continue.

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Night 73: Main Hallway, 1-West

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Now she was definitely worried, too. There was no one waiting at this end of the larger hall -- though she could hear voices from somewhere up ahead, talking too quietly for even her sensitive ears. Had something happened? There weren't many of them left, but surely there were more than that.

Worrying about it wouldn't accomplish anything, but she could worry and move at the same time, so she did.

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Night 73: West Wing, North Hall 1-A

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As he rounded the corner, Lloyd frowned as he considered their plans for tonight. Both Kratos and Castiel had agreed that they should keep focusing on finding the archives. If the archives were the key to getting back to their worlds, then finding them was important. Even so, part of him still itched to find and confront Landel. The man shouldn't be getting away with what he did to people here.

Maybe we'll run into him first. The thought mollified him somewhat. After all, it wasn't like they knew where their final goal was. One was just as likely as the other.

He passed through the door and into the next hall.

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Night 73: M-B Block Hallway

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Keeping in mind out little time they had, Lloyd didn't waste any of it passing through this hall. Footsteps brisk, he kept walking as he swept the area with his flashlight. No one else seemed to be in this hall yet, or maybe they'd already come and gone, but for now it seemed that Lloyd was alone. That suited him just fine.

Reaching the end of the hall, he moved on.

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Night 73: West Wing, South Hall 1-A

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On his way down the hall, Castiel reviewed what little amount of strategy he could manage for tonight's plans. The main obstacle they'd been facing was some kind of guardian being placed in either the Sun Room or the library itself. If they could maneuver their way around any opponents and not get separated in the process, it was possible they could make real progress.

Castiel didn't know why they'd been given keys that made their search easier, as if Landel wanted them to succeed despite all of his announcements implying otherwise. It was yet another aspect of this mission that made him uncertain, but it wasn't as if he hadn't barreled into fights without all the details before.

Reaching the end of the hall, Castiel took a left.

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Day 73: Intercom, Dinner

As much fun as some patients might be having in the Game Room, all good things had to come to an end. So it was proved when the intercom clicked on, as always, for an interruption by everyone's favorite Head Doctor.

"What a wonderful way to wind down. I'm sure you're all having a great time in our Game Room, but we need to make sure you get your three square meals a day! You'll be needing that energy, won't you?

"So it's time for everyone to head back to their rooms for dinner with their roommates! Chicken teriyaki and vegetable tempura is what's on the menu tonight. My mouth waters just thinking about it!"

As much as everything else about this place might be deplorable, at least the food held up.

"So enjoy your dinner and have a good night, everyone!"

[ Please make sure to check here for new room assignments. And also check this post to see if your character received a note from the rebels! ]
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Day 73: Game Room (4th shift)

Link's eyes narrowed as the intercom came on and the doctor began taunting them once again. Hope the storm eased up? There wasn't a way that could affect their efforts tonight, was there? The last thing Link needed was to be caught in the rain for some insane reason.

For now, though, he would allow himself a moment to settle himself before the evening truly began. Though he wasn't entirely certain on his plans for the night, he knew exactly where he would be heading. Even if he had to go at it alone.

Link wandered about the game room, picking up a small device he remembered from his last visit here. The lights and sound had given him quite a scare last time. He smiled slightly to himself.

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Day 73: Recreational Field (3rd Shift)

Lunch...sounded very unappealing to Zero right now. No amount of his nurse's fussing would change that for him, either. He took it with him anyway as he headed outside, mostly so the nurse would be quiet about it, but it was going to be abandoned once he figured out what he was going to do out here, exactly. Something related to exercise, but what...

Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves isn't going to bring anyone back.

...Lana's words were still at the forefront of his mind. So was Ciel's final note. Thinking about both over and over was ultimately a good thing for him; they were necessary reminders to not give up. Though the insecurities were still there, and he was still afraid of not being strong enough...he knew he should still try to keep pressing on despite his feelings. That's what he'd always done until now... And could he really allow someone like Landel to beat him down like this?

...Exercise. He could run, just run for awhile. Laps around the field, until he can't run anymore. The workout would be good for him...

Dropping his lunch somewhere on the ground, Zero started jogging, then running, trying to focus on the effort put into the exercise in order to block out any negative, self-defeating thoughts he was having.