07 March 2014 @ 09:55 am
[Starting in M7.]

It was just as Sora had feared. The Head Doctor was going to try and get rid of them by brainwashing them, all of them. That meant he really did feel like he was in danger, didn't it? So in one way, it was encouraging, but Sora didn't know what they'd do if Landel got to them first.

Both he and Link were here and aware of themselves, though, so that was one upside to focus on.

Sora had changed already, and his final act was to grab his radio, flashlight, and place that key card in his pocket. He turned toward Link and let out a heavy breath. The pressure was definitely on now.

"Are you ready?" It was just the two of them now, but that wouldn't stop them. They had to put a stop to this. For Tsurugi's sake. For Kairi and Riku. For everyone.
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25 February 2014 @ 04:32 pm
With how the number of patients had dwindled lately, the day passed on without much note, save for one sedation that had happened early on. Which meant that soon enough, the intercom came on yet again, this time to announce the day's end.

"Hello, dear patients. I know a lot of your friends have been sent home lately, and maybe some of you are missing them." Was this a referral to that one patient's outburst that morning? Who knew.

"But instead of worrying about them, you should think of yourselves! There aren't many of you enrolled here right now, which means each one of you gets more of our attention. Before long, all of you will be headed back to your friends and family too. Maybe you can even meet up with some of your fellow patients after you're released -- wouldn't that be nice?"

Of course, Landel wasn't referring to the sort of homecoming that the patients wanted. Nice as it sounded in the daytime, the truth was something far more sinister.

"For now, enjoy some dinner with your roommates! Tonight we're serving spaghetti and garlic bread -- a popular choice, I would think. Have a nice meal."

And with that, the intercom shut off and the nurses gathered up the patients to take them to their rooms.

[ Make sure to check the rooming list, as it was updated prior to this post being made! ]
03 February 2014 @ 05:54 pm
As the day started, the weather only seemed to be improving, and some patients might even call it warm. Granted, the climate control in the building meant it wouldn't make a difference until someone chose to venture outside.

For now, though, it was time for breakfast, and the intercom came on to wake up all of the patients from their enforced slumber.

"Breakfast sandwiches... how could you not look forward to something like that, dear patients?" Even as Landel spoke, the nurses started peeking into rooms and rousing people from their beds.

"There's plenty to look forward to today, from the recreational field to the greenhouse. I hope that you all enjoy your days and your lunches."

As usual, lunch would be handed out in a paper bag, offering some fruit and vegetables to snack on, along with a sandwich as the main course and pudding for dessert.

"That's all for now!" Though the Head Doctor would be announcing the different shift changes throughout the day, as usual.


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17 December 2013 @ 07:39 am
After a surprisingly uneventful day (though Guy had at least taken a moment to copy down the strange third floor map that had been put up on the bulletin board, just in case), Guy had returned to an empty room.

No sign of Locke. Just an empty, neatly made bed -- and a plate of hot food, which he devoured.

It was more difficult to get back into the swing of things than he'd thought it would be. He knew about the third floor now, but he didn't know how to access it, so that didn't help much. At this point, their best bet was to use the radios they'd been given to get the word out about the device the rebels had given them.

This was their chance, and Guy wasn't about to squander it.

So as soon as Landel was done with his surprisingly short message, Guy got dressed and gathered his radio, flashlight, and sword -- just in case. Claude was the one who had the device, so it made sense to go to him. Guy stepped out of his room and moved down the hall.

[To here.]
14 December 2013 @ 09:26 am
[From here.]

The darkness of the halls at night did little to hide how bleak and run down everything looked, rust and peeling paint catching the light from his lamp, a stark contrast to the way things looked in the day. Lloyd ignored it, already used to the way things seemed to change at night. Instead, he focused on softening his footsteps as he approached the end of the hall. He'd yet to run into anything this close to the rooms they slept in, but he knew better than to think he was safe.

Nothing happened as he reached the end of the hall, though, so cautiously he stepped through the door.

[To here.]
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14 December 2013 @ 08:50 am
We'll see how long that lasts.

Those ominous words followed Lloyd as he made his way out of his room. Tonight, unlike last night, he'd chosen to wear his own clothes, red jacket and black pants, red gloves and boots, despite the metal that would get him into trouble if he had to go through that metal-detecting trap again. The Key Crest on his hand meant that he'd be in trouble anyway, so he figured he might as well dress as he wanted. His tool belt rested comfortable around his waist, packed with the things he thought he might need. His sword rested in his hand, ready for any attack, though he wished, not for the first time, that he had something to sheathe it in and make it easier to carry when he didn't need it. At least his other hand was free now that he didn't need to hold his flashlight. The little lamp he'd taken from that first aid kit last night dangled at his hip, attached to his tool belt with the ring at the top. It jostled with each step and he couldn't aim it easily, prompting him to take his flashlight along with him, too, tucked into a pocket in his tool belt, but the fact that he didn't need to hold it more than made up for that. It also made up for the fact that he had to stop every twenty minutes to wind the light back up. He'd spent dinner playing with it, getting a feel for how long the light would last.

He'd tried not to think about his roommate's still-empty bed, or the plate of food growing cold on the other's desk. It had been days since he'd seen Claude. What had happened to him? If he was gone, or if he'd escaped, then why did they still bring him food? Lloyd had tried to ask his nurse, but she'd just brushed the question off with a smile and a reassurance that "Thomas" was fine, then told Lloyd he needed to worry about himself, she'd hardly seen him eat a thing at lunch.

Lloyd frowned at the memory, then shook his head, pushing it to the back of his mind. He needed to focus on what he was doing tonight. Footsteps sure, he rounded the corner.

[To here.]
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20 November 2013 @ 06:01 pm
The silver light of dawn was strengthening in the sky, but that hardly mattered... none of the patients at Landel's had windows in their rooms. They relied on the intercom to wake them.

This morning began like almost every other: with crackling from omnipresent speakers, then the cheerful voice of Dr. Landel booming through the building. His good mood sounded forced this morning, with a manic edge.

"Good morning, patients! I trust you slept well? It's time to greet the day--and the excellent staff here--with smiling faces! We have delicious waffles with real maple syrup and all the other fixings waiting for you in the Cafeteria, as well as all our usual sides and beverages, and your nurses will be along any minute to--"

The announcement was interrupted by a brief loud clatter somewhere near the microphone: half metallic, half plastic. It was followed by a mutter of frustration, then a soft scraping sound. Maybe Landel had dropped a heavy pen on his desk and was scrambling to retrieve it.

"Ha, ha, clumsy me. Your nurses will be along any minute to help you get started. It's cloudy out there today, but the temperatures are... just fine." The announcement ended on a flat, awkward note.

Landel continued to announce shifts in the usual way through the day. Second shift was in the Sun Room, Third was the free shift with bagged lunches that had become the usual in recent days, and Fourth was in the Music Room. Therapy wasn't mentioned... maybe these patients were doing well enough now that they no longer needed individual attention, or maybe they were beyond hope.

Only one element was notable: every time he spoke, the good doctor sounded distracted, as if making the announcement had been an imposition on his time.


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16 October 2013 @ 01:02 pm
It had been a long, tiring trip back.

Honestly, Guy still felt apprehensive about the fact that they had decided to give up the relative freedom that they'd found in Farwell to come right back into the institute, but this device that the rebels had trusted them with was important. If the only way to stop Landel was by taking him down from the inside, then that's what they would do.

That didn't make Guy feel any better as he stepped off of the train tracks and onto the dirt ground that eventually led out of the tunnels and into the underground lake. He'd been hoping they would never have to come back here, but he'd known it would eventually be necessary, seeing how they needed to collect Luke and all of their other friends.

Having trusted Claude to hold onto the device, Guy glanced over his shoulder at him as he reached the mouth of the tunnel. At least they were all in one piece. That was what he had to keep telling himself. Of course, now that they were back in the institute, that was bound to change.

"Guess we'd better call for that ferryman."
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18 May 2013 @ 10:27 am
[From here.]

They appeared in the same area as they always did when they transported, but a different part of it. As Guy found his feet unsteadily settle on the other bank of the shore, where the ferryman had taken them the night before, he almost stumbled right into the lapping water of the lake. He stopped himself up, sucking in a breath as he came face-to-face with one of those drowned ghouls.

Guy regained his balance, backed away, and then glanced at the torches that only sort of lit the way into the tunnel where they would be heading next. It was just as dark and mysterious as it had been last night, but they couldn't let some apprehension stop them now.

"Well, at least that ferryman kept his word," Guy said. "No toll, no crossing the river, we're just... here." Which meant that they probably shouldn't waste any time seeing where the tunnel led.
07 May 2013 @ 03:46 pm
[From here.]

... Though it was a nice feeling, really. Walking through here with a flashlight again.

It had only taken a single night for Zero to detest how dependent he was on a simple light source. As a Reploid, darkness wasn't that big of a deal; his systems were good at adapting to his surroundings, including the absence or presence of light. But with this terrible human vision, he couldn't hope to navigate this place even half as decently without a bright flashlight to guide him. Then again, it was only one of the many, many complaints he had about being in a human body...

How did Ciel, Neige, and those other humans do it, honestly? Living like this was so...


[To here.]

06 May 2013 @ 02:33 pm
After exchanging radio numbers, Uryuu picked at the salad in relative silence. Once sure he really couldn't be bothered with another bite, he set about arranging his things for the night. The sound of the intercom stirred his attention, and he looked up, waiting for the static. As ever, a nice addition to the atmosphere. He could still appreciate that, despite himself.

Grateful, indeed. Nook or cranny probably referred to the newly found passage in the library, which stirred Uryuu's curiosity further. Tomorrow, perhaps, unless Kratos-san did the unexpected and really did call. The very thought had his mouth curling with dry amusement, which failed to reach his eyes, narrowing with irritation. The doctor's spiel was the usual, and yet...

"Someday," he groused, "I'm going to put an arrow in that man's throat."

Uryuu said it, but did not swear -- not to his pride as a Quincy, not to anything. Not because he doubted he could, but because it wouldn't be practical in the moment. Much as he would aim to maim, not kill, to make speaking impossible, that would be a problem. They would want him to speak, after all.

As gratifying as imagining that future was, it only wasted time in the moment. The door unlocked, and almost simultaneously, Uryuu felt the pressure of the spirit particles filling the air. He reached, seeking Inoue-san, and felt nothing like. Pressing his teeth together, he nodded to Tsurugi-kun (expecting him off) and stood, to set about changing into the uniform. It was an obnoxious thing to have to choose, but unfortunately, better than the sweater and ill-fitting pants he'd be forced to wear during the day. Placing the toy radio in his pocket alongside the key ring and two pens, he lifted his pillowcase turned bag(with its two sweatshirts, journal, and his room radio) and slid it over his shoulder.

Wasteful as it was, he left the bat in the closet. Vantas-kun seemed to have disappeared as well, and it had never properly gotten to Inoue-san. Tonight it would just get in the way. Ready, he started into and down the hall, clutching his flashlight switched off.

[ to here ]
06 May 2013 @ 02:32 pm
[From here.]

Guy had to admit he felt kind of ridiculous, walking down the hallway the way he was outfitted right now.

His clothing was fine -- it was just his normal outfit from home -- but along with the sword that he had hanging from his hip, he had a pillow case full of food draped over his shoulder, which bumped against his back each time that he took a step. He'd shoved his radio in there too, since they might be cut off without it, along with the note he'd written Luke, and in his other hand was his flashlight.

It wasn't ideal, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to move with any kind of agility unless he dropped his supplies, but he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. Maybe Claude and Anise would show up a bit more prepared.

Speaking of Claude, Guy halted when he reached the middle of the hallway, prepared to wait for his friend like always. He remembered how Claude had mentioned that Lloyd had been taken from his room the night before, and wondered what information he'd have about that this time around, if any.

[For Claude.]
06 May 2013 @ 02:06 pm
Though Guy had once again found himself in an empty room (which was made even more worrisome, now that he knew for certain what had happened to Locke), he had managed to make the best use of his time. Seeing how he, Claude, and Anise might not be back in the institute for a while depending on how things went, preparations had to be made. So Guy had spent the dinner shift writing a note out to drop off in Luke's room and packing away the supplies that he'd picked up in Doyleton.

With nothing else to work with, he'd had to put the food that he'd bought in a pillow case that he stripped from his bed. It wasn't a very sturdy pack by any means, and so he'd decided to double layer it. That would still be torn through easily by any monster, but he didn't have any other materials.

And while it might not have seemed like such a large detail, Guy had still decided to change into his more familiar outfit. It was fitted to him and would give him much more ease of movement if they got into any fights. That was why he wore it every other night, but it seemed even more important when he considered the fact that they might not be making it back here in the morning like they were used to. Which was a crazy enough thought on its own, but he wanted to be ready for any possibility.

By the time that he was done with all of that, the intercom came on, and Guy paid close attention to what Landel had to say. No mention of the caverns or what he and his friends would be up to, but more hints about some secret access to the third floor. Guy was still pretty curious about that, but he had to focus on the hidden pathways that he and his friends had found -- and those went down, not up.

Leaving that note in Luke's room was going to slow them down when it came to meeting with Anise, and so Guy wanted to get a good head start on that. He strapped his sheath to his hip, slid his sword inside, and then exited his room and strode down the hall at a brisk pace.

[To here.]
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06 May 2013 @ 12:47 pm
[From here.]

It was quiet -- so quiet that Castiel slowed his pace slightly, keeping a careful eye on the dark hallway that stretched out in front of him. With the help of his flashlight he was able to spot the stairs that would have taken him up to the second floor, if that was where he wanted to go. Instead, access to the third floor was supposedly found here on the ground level. That was the exact sort of confusion that he would expect from the Head Doctor, however.

As empty as the area was, there didn't seem to be any sign of monsters or ghosts, either. He was alone, and while that might have been frightening to a human, Castiel saw it as liberating. He squared his shoulders and kept moving toward the meeting place he and Kratos had decided on.

[To here.]
06 May 2013 @ 11:48 am
[From here.]

Thankfully, Castiel had reached a point in the healing process where he was no longer being slowed down by it. There was still some tenderness in his middle, and he planned to keep his abdomen well guarded if he ended up in fight with some kind of creature, but he was no longer limping or dragging his feet as he moved down the hall.

It was a refreshing feeling, and for the first time in a long time he could tell that he was one of the first patients to make it out into the halls. If anything, realizing that only spurred him on. He reached the block's exit and carefully creaked the door open before stepping out into the next hallway.

[To here.]
30 April 2013 @ 11:50 am
With a bag of the food he'd bought at the market in one hand, Guy allowed a nurse to lead him back toward the bus. The light in the sky was already starting to dim, which made him nervous that there would be a repeat of last week. He didn't think something that disastrous would take place two weeks in a row, but he didn't want to assume that they were in the clear either.

After searching his items, a nurse allowed him to board the first bus and Guy quickly moved to the back of it, taking an empty seat and then setting his sights out the window. He hadn't been able to find Luke after all, and he didn't see Anise around so he couldn't ask her if she'd had any better luck with it. They might have to leave a note for him in his room after all.

Still, it wasn't for lack of trying, so Guy tried not to beat himself up about it too much. There wouldn't be much point to that. If anything, he was excited for what the night might bring. The only thing he wished he had was a better means by which to carry the things he'd purchased, but maybe he could work something out for that when he got back to his room at the institute. If nothing else, a pillow case would get the job done.

As he thought that all through, he kept an eye out for those getting onto the bus, still looking for any familiar faces.

[For Tsurugi.]
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26 April 2013 @ 11:42 am
While his initial way of meeting Korra hadn't been ideal, Guy ended up enjoying a nice meal with her, so he couldn't call that experience a total loss. Any friend he made was bound to learn about his phobia, so at least the two of them had gotten that out of the way from the start. Not that he could necessarily call her a friend yet, but she did seem like a nice girl.

The sun was getting lower and lower in the sky, though, and Guy knew that if he was going to stock up on any supplies, he had to do so now. The main thing that he and Anise had agreed that they needed was food, in the event that they couldn't make it back to the institute after following that tunnel tonight, and so Guy did the logical thing and headed for the grocery store.

He didn't know how much twenty-five dollars would buy him, but he also had to keep other factors in mind. He couldn't buy anything that was going to spoil, and it also had to be easy to carry. So any fresh produce was out of the question. He wanted to make sure that they would have enough to live on for a few days, at least, so he started to make his way up and down the aisles in search of something appropriate.

[For Tolten.]
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21 April 2013 @ 08:55 pm
The conversation Guy had with Edgar hadn't turned out to be pleasant at all, though he did his best to not let it drag his mood down too much. It made him all the more relieved that things had worked out with Claude and Anise, but Guy still felt some guilt that things had gone well in his case and not in others. Just how many other people had died because of that illness? He got the feeling he didn't want to know, and yet he didn't think that it was right to bury his head in the sand either.

While that chat had distracted him from his search, Guy made sure to continue looking for Luke after he said his goodbyes to Edgar, but once again he turned up nothing. "Man, Luke, where are you?" he murmured to himself as he paused and ran a hand through his hair.

Hopefully Anise had been more successful than he was. Either way, Guy had reached a point where his stomach was pretty unimpressed with him, and so he figured it was about time to grab some food. At this point the closest place to eat was the Tasty Burger, so Guy decided to head there. Besides, it seemed like the kind of place Luke would be likely to go.

He stepped inside and started to flip through his coupon book, figuring that there was no need to spend his twenty-five dollars unless he had to. Guy had been here so many times by now that he was sure the staff recognized him, and he hoped that meant they'd be a bit more on the friendly side.

[For Korra.]
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17 April 2013 @ 12:33 pm
Not particularly hungry despite the time of day, Edgar decided to keep inspecting the stores, enjoying whatever freedom he could find in Doyleton. It wasn't much: while away from the prying eyes of the nurses, his questionable clothing and status as a patient of Landel's drew the attention of the residents of the town, and as usual, they didn't seem terribly thrilled to deal with their visitors. At least the weather was pleasant, a nice shift from the bitter cold it had been several nights before. It was still a far cry from the heat of the desert winds and the fiery forge of his homeland- it wasn't sure he'd ever fully adjust.

Even if there had been a chill, he'd have been kept warm by the fire in his chest, the blood of the Esper still scorching him from the inside out. It had been on his mind all morning, brought back to the surface with the thoughts of the Coliseum and the fight that awaited them, should they ever manage to gain access. Would he be fighting? And if so, would he be able to control the magic he'd had forced upon him? He wasn't one to doubt himself often, but it had happened once already- his skin was still healing from the burns he'd acquired earlier in the week, the bandages having receded to cover only those wounds under his clothing. His hands were scarred over, but a dull ache ran through them every now and then, reminding him of just how mortal he was.

What hadn't healed was his pride, guilt still knotting its way onto his features when he looked at his hands- Locke had died because of him.

As would someone else, should Ryuuzaki's knowledge of the Coliseum prove true. There was no way to know who would fight, who would lose, and who would have to go through the temporary death and whatever consequences come from it. Edgar's sense of self-preservation was usually high: the people of Figaro were strong, but they ultimately depended on him, needed his leadership to survive.

However, if the death truly was temporary, as Ryuuzaki said, then he knew he'd be the best suited for dealing with whatever came afterward. He'd been through worse, surely. The end of the world was fairly hard to top. Besides that, he couldn't, in good conscience, let a woman suffer like that, especially those like Lana or Nina, who didn't strike him as hardened warriors.

It wasn't going to be an easy choice, especially if they were all pitted against one another in the ring. He wasn't one to trust what he hadn't seen with his own eyes, but he was willing to put that sort of faith into Ryuuzaki for now. His help had been invaluable; Edgar owed him that much.

Stopping in front of the antique store, Edgar brushed his hair back as the wind blew and considered going in. He recognized the view through the windows immediately, the large tiger inside hard to forget, especially when he'd first seen it almost immediately after his fight with the catlike abomination in the basement. Between that creature and Locke's appearance as a coeurl, Edgar had to admit he didn't seem to be having much luck with cats at Landel's.

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13 April 2013 @ 01:22 pm
It had been nice to chat with Anise on the way into town and make their plans for the day, and Guy headed off the bus a few feet behind her, collecting his coupons and currency in the process. Which was difficult to do since he had to make sure that his hand didn't brush against the nurse's, but he managed it without any episodes.

He said goodbye to his friend as the two of them split up in search of Luke. It would be best if they could find him as soon as possible so that he was filled in on what would be happening. The problem was, Guy had to work out where he would go if he was Luke. The inn? Not likely. Maybe the pet store, probably not the book store, but the toy store was a possibility...

It was hard to be sure, and so Guy ended up wandering his way down the main street, keeping an eye out for what should have been a very obvious head of red hair. Luke wasn't usually that hard to find. He wasn't exactly a quiet person most of the time.

He just hoped his friend hadn't stayed behind for some reason. They didn't even have the bulletin to rely on at this point. There was one in the grocery store, but most people didn't bother to check it and he didn't even know if Luke was aware of it.

Guy was pretty persistent, though, and so he didn't plan to let up until he found his friend.