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By day, Landel’s Institute seems to be an ordinary mental health facility. The doctors and staff are friendly and helpful, seemingly devoted to the care and rehabilitation of the many patients who reside within. Days are tightly scheduled with plenty of safe and mundane activities for patients - such as Arts and Crafts and frequent trips to the Music Room. Throughout the week patients are taken to their doctor consultations, where trained professionals work with them and try to help them reconnect with reality.

Of course, the reality presented by the staff is anything but. Each patient knows they’re sane, knows that they simply woke up in a strange white room one morning, captive against their will. They know everything they remember is real, and that the world and life from their memories is certainly not a delusion - as the doctors attempt to tell them.

Nighttime assures patients that all is not well in Landel's. When the lights go out, everything changes. Creatures with a taste for flesh wander the dark corridors, and even the staff turn into ghastly abominations. The very building itself becomes deadly. The bright and cheerful mental hospital turns into something worse than any mortal nightmare. Armed only with a flashlight (found under each pillow), and a small assortment of other items, patients must use their wits and skills to fight, survive, and if they’re lucky, perhaps even escape…


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