23 March 2014 @ 12:31 am
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And here they were, right where they'd left off.

Castiel tried to stalk toward the computer console before he'd allowed himself to recover from the teleportation, causing him to sway and lean against the table in the certain of the room. He let out a sigh, reaching into his pocket yet again for that piece of paper that had his notes from this morning.

Kratos wasn't here to work at the computer, and in this room they'd spent so much time in the night before, his absence was doubly felt. Castiel didn't say anything, though, eventually gathering his composure enough to take a seat in front of the computer screen without wobbling.
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L managed to keep a grip on his gun as the vertiginous sensation receded. The pads were a useful technology, but couldn't they be refined? There had to be some better way to accomplish teleportation without making it feel like you were passing through zero gravity. In this case, he would have preferred a good map and the ability to find a room the usual way: the pads felt like hoops they had to jump through.

This time, he could see the room.

The walls were lined with racks of computer equipment, reaching almost to the ceiling. One small computer might be nearly silent, but a system of this size required a lot of cooling, which meant that there was a background drone in the air, soft but present.

It had a familiar feeling... not just from the last few rooms they'd been through the night before, the server room and the room with the security monitors, but also from similar spaces in his own old life before his abduction. He had created them, or caused them to be created; they were immensely useful. This room had a major difference, however.

A chair sat several yards away, with a figure seated in it... or maybe placed in it. The figure was hard to miss, even in the near-darkness of the glow from the pads, because its surfaces were mostly white. Visible black mechanical joints made it obvious that it wasn't human, and it appeared to be connected to the other equipment in the room via cords that plugged into its back.

It was in profile to them, for now. They'd have to pass it to reach the next pad, which was across the room and just in front of a door.

They'd have an advantage over something like this, because it couldn't move like a living creature and because it was tethered. Or they'd have a disadvantage, because its weaknesses would be different and because it might not even need to move much to kill them -- there was nothing about the android that suggested that it might have been built for pleasure, so he wouldn't be surprised if it had been weaponized.

Or, if they were lucky, it wouldn't attack them at all.

If they were very lucky, it might even be what they had been looking for... but the fact that it seemed to be dormant suggested otherwise.

He kept his hand on his gun as he stepped slowly down from the pad, trying to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. The thing might look like it was inactive, but there could easily be a standby mode. The only way to know would be to find out.
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[From here.]

Beyond swaying for a few seconds, Sora's dismount from the warp pad was actually pretty graceful. The first thing he noticed about the room was all the screens mounted on the walls, letting off a faint glow -- though the corners of the room were still left in shadow.

He saw different hallways, different rooms, places that he recognized, along with areas of the basement that he'd seen if only briefly.

"Wow, this is really something. I cant believe they were actually watching our every move..."

For a moment, Sora was too distracted to consider what might be lurking unseen in the dark.

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17 March 2014 @ 12:44 am
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Just as Link had hoped, the key card did the trick. This wasn't a room he could remember passing entirely through, and a warp panel sat in the corner.

"All set, Sora?"
13 March 2014 @ 12:33 am
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Link struggled to force his eyes to adjust to the sudden white light of the moving staircase. As always, they began moving as soon as he stepped up. He turned to face Sora, finally breaking the silence.

"Hopefully the top brings us partially through the journey like it did last night."
12 March 2014 @ 10:49 am
[From here.]

Once they got inside of the library, Sora definitely slowed down. It just didn't feel like the kind of place they could run in, since libraries were always supposed to be quiet.

Besides, they were going to have to pull the switch in the bookshelf first anyway. Sora knew exactly where the Oxford book was now, so without any delay he moved over and yanked it out.

The door slid open and he turned back to Link. "Let's go."
12 March 2014 @ 12:59 am
[From here]

Link broke into a run as soon as he crossed the threshold of the Sun Room. Even if something was waiting for them in here, there was absolutely no time to be wasted. He only made sure that Sora was still with him as he approached the door into the library.
10 March 2014 @ 05:44 pm
[From here]

Link was moving quickly, picking up the pace as he walked without even realizing it. He was used to moving about at a steady jog, but the surroundings here simply weren't conducive to speed.

"I think I'm thankful for it, in the end," he added as an afterthought. At first, he had wished there could be some way to use the link between worlds to see the Twilight Princess again, but not anymore. He wanted her nowhere near this wretched place.
10 March 2014 @ 08:31 am
Castiel's dinner was as quiet as the day itself had been. The institute still hadn't seen fit to give him a roommate, but he had little issue with solitude.

It was difficult to focus on eating. For one thing, it still wasn't something that came naturally to Castiel. Hunger had taught him well, but when there was so much weighing on his mind for the coming night, it made it difficult.

Castiel focused on getting dressed and gathering his supplies for the night -- the usual blade, radio, and flashlight that he always took with him. Once that was done and there was still time to spare, he returned to his dinner, getting down a few bites of spaghetti and a decent chunk of the garlic bread.

At the point the intercom came on, with Landel's faked send-off and then after, his true message. He was no longer giving vague threats, but concrete ones. If they didn't hurry, all of them would be brainwashed into another life before they could stop things here.

Castiel didn't want to become Michael Collins again. He'd already been him for one day, and that had been more than enough.

The doors unlocked and he stood up, flashlight held tight in his hand. He was off to meet Kratos and Lloyd.

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09 March 2014 @ 11:55 am
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Whatever else he'd meant by the broadcast, the Head Doctor hadn't been kidding about the patient population. Lana hadn't seen another soul on the walk from her room to the center of the main hall. She could only hope Ryuuzaki was still here.

Well, hope, and risk a solo expedition if he didn't show up within what seemed a reasonable interval.

09 March 2014 @ 11:47 am
[from here]

Running a psychological profile on the Head Doctor wasn't going to find them a way out of this mess, though. Too many had tried; there were enough of them with relevant experience, and more than enough amateurs. Knowing his motive wasn't enough; it would help if they could win and bring him to justice -- there was something beyond sadism going on.

He would be doing this (whatever this really was) whether or not he enjoyed it; the relish Landel took in it was just a bonus for him. And perhaps why he'd been selected for the position. Or why Aguilar had tried to have him removed; it was still unclear.

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09 March 2014 @ 11:38 am
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It was still dead quiet as she rounded the corner between the women's hallway and the central artery of the Institute.

She'd seen these halls, almost as empty, on the monitors last night. Was there anyone watching the screens tonight? The Head Doctor, laughing? Though he'd surely have his own set of monitors, somewhere private. He seemed to like his luxuries a little too much to be wandering between multiple cold, sterile rooms. Especially since the teleporters were hard on the stomach, and his enthusiasm for food seemed to go beyond just the wholesome front he put on by day. Not that it wasn't an act, but when people acted like that, they usually picked something with a kernel of truth; it made it simpler to keep their story straight. So whether or not he liked waffles as much as he claimed, there was something about food that kept him coming back to the topic.

If she hadn't seen him being dragged from the Institute, she might wonder if he was ill in a way that made him unable to eat. But he'd looked healthy, at least in body.

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09 March 2014 @ 11:37 am
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The women's dormitory hallway was as quiet as the one leading to her room, and Lana hurried to the exit.

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09 March 2014 @ 11:31 am
Lana was ready to head out, standing next to her desk, when the intercom switched on and off and on again. She listened, quietly.

She gave herself one long moment to wonder how bad losing really would be. If Ema was out there, brainwashed, and she could join her? She'd seen Shirley Franklin's file -- her life wasn't that bad, and her relationship with Ema had been, if anything, a little better than it had been before they'd hashed things out at the Institute.

It would be living a lie, but she'd done that before. And this time she wouldn't know it.

Then she shook her head, not that anyone could see it in the dark. No. She'd come too far to go back now, and she would fight as hard as anyone else to stop that from happening.

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08 March 2014 @ 08:07 pm
[From here.]

Link was always the quiet type, but that seemed to be even more so tonight. He looked focused, like all he could think about was finding Landel and ending this once and for all.

Sora could understand that. He remembered how he'd felt right before taking down Xehanort's Heartless and then Xehanort himself, and this wasn't that different.

Still, he wasn't one to let things stay quiet even on a night like tonight, and so he glanced over at Link as they moved.

"Did you have any friends come here? From home, I mean?"
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07 March 2014 @ 09:55 am
[Starting in M7.]

It was just as Sora had feared. The Head Doctor was going to try and get rid of them by brainwashing them, all of them. That meant he really did feel like he was in danger, didn't it? So in one way, it was encouraging, but Sora didn't know what they'd do if Landel got to them first.

Both he and Link were here and aware of themselves, though, so that was one upside to focus on.

Sora had changed already, and his final act was to grab his radio, flashlight, and place that key card in his pocket. He turned toward Link and let out a heavy breath. The pressure was definitely on now.

"Are you ready?" It was just the two of them now, but that wouldn't stop them. They had to put a stop to this. For Tsurugi's sake. For Kairi and Riku. For everyone.
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07 March 2014 @ 09:35 am
Not too long after, the intercom came on once more, as if that previous announcement hadn't been only a matter of minutes before.

"I'm sure you all received my warning," the Head Doctor started, his tone sharper, darker.

"But let me make it perfectly clear. I'm picking you all off one by one. Soon enough these halls will be empty, filled only with ghosts...

"And you'll all be out there, playing your roles. Enough is enough."

There was definitely a finality in the way that he spoke, like he truly was fed up with this entire enterprise.

The intercom cut off suddenly, and then the lights switched off and the doors unlocked.
07 March 2014 @ 09:34 am
After enough time had passed for the patients to have their dinner and chat amongst themselves, the intercom came on once more.

"Mm, mm, mm! I don't think I'll ever get sick of our garlic bread here. Compliments to the chef, wouldn't you say?"

The Head Doctor let out what sounded like a contented sigh.

"Well, we've gotten through another successful day. Rest well, everyone!"
25 February 2014 @ 04:32 pm
With how the number of patients had dwindled lately, the day passed on without much note, save for one sedation that had happened early on. Which meant that soon enough, the intercom came on yet again, this time to announce the day's end.

"Hello, dear patients. I know a lot of your friends have been sent home lately, and maybe some of you are missing them." Was this a referral to that one patient's outburst that morning? Who knew.

"But instead of worrying about them, you should think of yourselves! There aren't many of you enrolled here right now, which means each one of you gets more of our attention. Before long, all of you will be headed back to your friends and family too. Maybe you can even meet up with some of your fellow patients after you're released -- wouldn't that be nice?"

Of course, Landel wasn't referring to the sort of homecoming that the patients wanted. Nice as it sounded in the daytime, the truth was something far more sinister.

"For now, enjoy some dinner with your roommates! Tonight we're serving spaghetti and garlic bread -- a popular choice, I would think. Have a nice meal."

And with that, the intercom shut off and the nurses gathered up the patients to take them to their rooms.

[ Make sure to check the rooming list, as it was updated prior to this post being made! ]
03 February 2014 @ 05:54 pm
As the day started, the weather only seemed to be improving, and some patients might even call it warm. Granted, the climate control in the building meant it wouldn't make a difference until someone chose to venture outside.

For now, though, it was time for breakfast, and the intercom came on to wake up all of the patients from their enforced slumber.

"Breakfast sandwiches... how could you not look forward to something like that, dear patients?" Even as Landel spoke, the nurses started peeking into rooms and rousing people from their beds.

"There's plenty to look forward to today, from the recreational field to the greenhouse. I hope that you all enjoy your days and your lunches."

As usual, lunch would be handed out in a paper bag, offering some fruit and vegetables to snack on, along with a sandwich as the main course and pudding for dessert.

"That's all for now!" Though the Head Doctor would be announcing the different shift changes throughout the day, as usual.


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