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Night 75: Panic Room

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The next room more befit the first floor than the third. Clinical lab environments had been replaced with something much more cozy. There was a plush couch, carpeted floors, and even a bookshelf. The room was designed for comfort, meant as some kind of escape for whoever might make use of it -- and Castiel had an idea who that was. It wasn't an office, but it was another step toward it, or so he guessed.

The setting didn't mean that they could relax, though. It was dark in here, and while Lloyd's wings and the glow from the pad across the room shed some light, it wasn't enough given the size of the area.

Still, there were signs that they weren't alone. The metal slide of two blades moving against each other, the rasping noises of monsters that were in eternal pain, and a more alarmed sound as one of the mutated nurses realized there was fresh meat close at hand.

More than that, Castiel could now sense them again, picking out the taint that gave away any supernatural creature.

"Stay back," he ordered the others once they'd all made it through, "and shield your eyes."

He didn't act instantly this time. The horde of nurses were across the room from them, which gave him a few seconds to delay, long enough to give the others in the group a chance to prepare themselves.
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Any other time, Lloyd would have appreciated Lana's confidence. It was something he himself had echoed many times - the idea that someone could do anything if they only tried and believed. But it was hard, so hard, when everything was so loud. He was struggling not to cover his ears just so he could pick out individual words. Following them to the warp pad was easy. He could still see, even better than he ever had before, but it took him a full minute to work through the lingering disorientation from being able to hear and see and feel so much before Ryuuzaki's question even sank in. Wincing, Lloyd shook his head.

"I don't think-"

He abruptly cut off, head snapping up with alarm. Even before he'd spotted them, he could hear the harsh breaths of the monsters in the room, angelic hearing picking up sounds he never could have heard before. He opened his mouth with a sharp inhale.

Castiel beat him to the punch. (Man, how out of it was he?)

He didn't bother to wonder for long, or argue with the command. He didn't know what kind of spell Castiel was even using, or what effect it might have on him, but Castiel clearly knew what he was doing. Lloyd quickly screwed his eyes shut. This time he wasn't incapacitated by his own transformation. This time he could feel the rising crescendo of power. Holy-!

His mind failed him. He just plain didn't have the words.

Damn, was this what all angels would feel like to him?