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For those who were situated on the other side of Dr. Landel's office, they would be able to hear something, a strangled cry in a tone that would strike any patient as hauntingly familiar. It was faint, barely loud enough to be heard, but it was still a sign of something.

There was no announcement, no institute-wide broadcast of what happened next. But there didn't need to be.

Any patient who possessed powers would be able to feel it, like a rush of air almost strong enough to knock them over. Like when a train passed by a little too close for comfort.

Something ran through all of them, but then filled them up, returning every lost power that had been stolen from them.

The building's defenses had been weakened. Their powers had been returned. Nothing stood in their way now, save for the hordes of monsters that had infiltrated every part of the institute as part of that last-effort defense plan.

And one man.