The Doctors ([personal profile] damned_doctors) wrote in [community profile] damned_institute2014-09-06 11:25 am

Night 75: Main Hallway, 3-East

The security shutdown hadn't only affected the patients; there were other humans in the Institute by night.

The mindless beasts that Landel loved as much or more than his human monsters, however, did not know the difference. The living quarters were quickly overrun -- things crawled out of lockers that had been empty moments ago, and slithered out from underneath every bed and sofa.

Groups formed and scattered as they fled; the patients had learned through hard-fought battles that groups of three or so were best, and two men and one woman glanced at each other in the chaos and ran out into the main hallways.

This hall was empty, for the moment. All three of them suppressed any signs of relief; they knew what weakness looked like in humans, and they were not going to show any.

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