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Night 75: West Hall (Basement)

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Taura stood on the threshold of the hallway, holding both double-doors open. She hoped Aigis and Sechs hadn't followed her; this was either a very good idea or the last one she'd ever have.

A promise was a promise, though, even to a monster that had threatened to eat her. Especially to a monster that had threatened to eat her. "Sphinx," she called out. Did it have a name? A gender? "It's Taura." She wasn't sure that would help, but the least she could do was treat it like a person. "The door's open. We're going to try to ki-um," She switched words at the last moment; if the Sphinx stayed out of loyalty rather than necessity, they didn't need to let it in on the plan. "Kick some ass." There, that was, well, not much less specific than kill Landel, but it had some leeway for explanations.

Then she waited, while claws scrabbled in the dark and growls echoed down the halls.
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It wouldn't have taken a call from a patient to signal the sphinx to escape. He heard the sirens just as well as any of them -- better, even, given that he had the sharp senses that came with almost any animal, even a mythical one.

So those golden double doors slammed open and he pounced out, giant and menacing, although there was something undeniably feline in the way he stretched his back out and then extended his massive claws.

When he glanced to Taura, it was almost as if it was an afterthought, but he still padded over to her and nodded.

"I had something similar in mind," he said, voice rumbling as it always did within that golden room that had served as his cage for so long. "I have a debt or two to repay."
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The human wished for him to accompany her, but it wouldn't be that simple. For one thing, he could move much faster on his own, and he had no interest in carrying anyone. For another, they would have to do more than just find Landel.

Even the sphinx, with all of his strenght, wouldn't be able to do much against that madman unless he was weakened somehow.

He paced over to the open door and paused near it impatiently.

"His powers will need to be incapacitated somehow, just as all of yours have," he pointed out. "Do you have a plan? Otherwise you'll be running to your death."

Which, when compared to a lifetime spent as a tortured prisoner, might be the more appealing option. But the sphinx considered it a fool's errand.
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let me know if there was anything else she needed to say -- if so, i'll edit!

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The plan offered was vague, and the lack of details made the sphinx consider for a moment. He had no opposition to them trying to get their revenge on Landel -- all of them deserved that, and the window was small.

He didn't plan to waste any more time. Powered or not, he was going to track Landel down for himself. The sphinx didn't know that there was any home left for him, and so he had nothing left to lose. It would all be worth it if he could only get his jaws around Landel's throat.

"I hope you know what you're doing. We may see each other again." With that, he took off, bounding through the door and then toward the stairs that would take him up to the first floor -- and onward.