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Night 75: Intercom, Midnight

The first sign that something had changed in the institute showed on the ceilings and walls. Regardless of where a patient might be positioned, they would notice a strange shimmer that started at the ceiling and then cascaded down the wall. A glitch in the programming; walls had come down.

Immediately after that, a robotic voice blared out over the intercoms.



As soon as the voice faded, a shrill set of sirens started, and went on for a good five minutes. That was the only warning the patients received, but all of the monsters that had plagued them during their stay here were suddenly released from their cages and sent on the hunt.

The building was vulernable, and its guards were free in a way they had never been before. Whether they chose to attack the patients the way they'd been trained, or take this chance to escape and find their own freedom, no one controlled them now.

The monsters weren't the only ones who took that moment to flee into the halls. All of those doctors, who had put countless patients through horrific torture, realized that they were no longer safe and did everything in their power to exit the building. Some of them were even attacked by the monsters they'd helped to create.

True chaos had fallen on Landel's Institute. One of the rebel's tasks had been accomplished, but it would be all for naught if Landel wasn't stopped.

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