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Night 75: Records Archive (Third Floor)

[From here.]

And here they were, right where they'd left off.

Castiel tried to stalk toward the computer console before he'd allowed himself to recover from the teleportation, causing him to sway and lean against the table in the certain of the room. He let out a sigh, reaching into his pocket yet again for that piece of paper that had his notes from this morning.

Kratos wasn't here to work at the computer, and in this room they'd spent so much time in the night before, his absence was doubly felt. Castiel didn't say anything, though, eventually gathering his composure enough to take a seat in front of the computer screen without wobbling.
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Lloyd was a little more familiar with warp pads, having used a few in his world, so when the light of teleportation faded away, he waited a moment for the disorientation to pass, only swaying a little on his feet. Once he felt steady, he stepped off the pad. Castiel was already at the computer.

Castiel, not Kratos. Lloyd swallowed, trying not to think about the last time he'd seen his father. How many hours had they spent here last night, side by side at that desk? What if that was the last time he ever saw him? What if he never-?

No. He shook his head, tearing his mind from those thoughts. No, I won't let that be the last time. We'll stop Landel, and then we'll find him. Grimly clinging to that thought, he paced and waited while Castiel looked up worlds on his list.
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The comment was enough to stop Lloyd's pacing. He turned, attention now fully on Castiel. "An attack?" he echoed. "Did they say what it was?" Tension knotted his shoulders, and he reflexively scanned the room. They were alone, and had been since they had appeared here, but even bringing up the possibility of attack was enough to remind him that even here they weren't truly safe. The shadows on the wall might not be shadows after all...

On edge now, it was a battle not to give into paranoia. He knew that was what Landel wanted, to paralyze them with fear and doubt, but he couldn't quite hold the impulse back. Not when that fear kept him on his toes, kept him looking for the enemies that really were lurking in the dark.

"Where are we going after this?"
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"A security station?" Lloyd echoed, the words ringing a bell. "I talked to a girl named Lana this morning. She was the one who was with Ryuuzaki. She said something about that, too."

He glanced at the warp pad, then at Castiel, mildly surprised that they weren't taking the warp pad. Something about instant teleportation just felt faster to him, bypassing doors and halls in the blink of an eye. Logically, he knew that the warps might be taking them to someplace farther out of the way, but still, a part of him had expected to keep taking the warp pads whenever they found them.

He didn't argue, though, just nodded, taking Castiel's word for it, before he headed through the door toward the hall.

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