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Night 75: Informational Relay System Maintenance (3rd Floor)

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L managed to keep a grip on his gun as the vertiginous sensation receded. The pads were a useful technology, but couldn't they be refined? There had to be some better way to accomplish teleportation without making it feel like you were passing through zero gravity. In this case, he would have preferred a good map and the ability to find a room the usual way: the pads felt like hoops they had to jump through.

This time, he could see the room.

The walls were lined with racks of computer equipment, reaching almost to the ceiling. One small computer might be nearly silent, but a system of this size required a lot of cooling, which meant that there was a background drone in the air, soft but present.

It had a familiar feeling... not just from the last few rooms they'd been through the night before, the server room and the room with the security monitors, but also from similar spaces in his own old life before his abduction. He had created them, or caused them to be created; they were immensely useful. This room had a major difference, however.

A chair sat several yards away, with a figure seated in it... or maybe placed in it. The figure was hard to miss, even in the near-darkness of the glow from the pads, because its surfaces were mostly white. Visible black mechanical joints made it obvious that it wasn't human, and it appeared to be connected to the other equipment in the room via cords that plugged into its back.

It was in profile to them, for now. They'd have to pass it to reach the next pad, which was across the room and just in front of a door.

They'd have an advantage over something like this, because it couldn't move like a living creature and because it was tethered. Or they'd have a disadvantage, because its weaknesses would be different and because it might not even need to move much to kill them -- there was nothing about the android that suggested that it might have been built for pleasure, so he wouldn't be surprised if it had been weaponized.

Or, if they were lucky, it wouldn't attack them at all.

If they were very lucky, it might even be what they had been looking for... but the fact that it seemed to be dormant suggested otherwise.

He kept his hand on his gun as he stepped slowly down from the pad, trying to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. The thing might look like it was inactive, but there could easily be a standby mode. The only way to know would be to find out.
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[From here.]

Lloyd was already tense when the light of the teleportation faded away, his eyes darting around the room once he could see. Two people- no, three, only the third one was slumped listlessly. Lloyd's heart jumped into his throat. Damn it, were they too late?! Or was she another monster, like the nurse in the room before? He didn't recognize her.

At least nothing was attacking. Yet. Not them, anyway. His throat ached at the thought of what might be happening behind them. Damn it. Sora, Link, please be safe.

"What happened?" he asked, stepping off the warp pad to get a better look without its light interfering with his eyes. He couldn't see any blood, at least...
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As promised, Ryuuzaki and Lana were right where they had said they would be, although the third figure also caught his attention. The dizziness from using the warp pads so often still managed to hit him, unfortunately, and so he took a moment to lean an arm heavily against the wall while Lloyd asked the questions.

Ryuuzaki had mentioned that Lana had a minor injury, although a quick scan of her didn't reveal anything. Truly minor, then. That was for the best.

"The monsters have already started to close in," he informed them. "We need to stay on guard. Link and Sora are attempting to buy us some time."

It hadn't sat well with him either, to leave them there, but both boys had been eager to fight. If that was what they were experienced at, then they would best serve the cause if they kept the creatures at bay.
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Lana didn't turn away from the deactivated robot -- while the screens were shut down, there was enough light that she could see Lloyd and Castiel's arrival in the reflection, and she felt oddly like it would be disrespectful.

"I gave the password, and I.R.I.S. shut down." As had the rest of the equipment, it seems. Lana saw no reason to unplug I.R.I.S. -- if she was alive, there was no reason that she couldn't be turned back on, and she'd seemed at least somewhat sympathetic. Besides, if the rest of the security came back on, alongside roaming monsters, they were already in more trouble than they could handle.

She finally stopped staring at the blank screens, and waved a hand towards the second illuminated teleport pad.

"The teleport devices, though, are clearly unaffected, as is the door, so our options are both limited and obvious."
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Lloyd was paying attention - he was - but at the same time concern took his footsteps closer to the fifth person in the room. Shadows played eerily off the slumped woman's features, making her proportions look all wrong. It wasn't until he got closer that he realized they were all wrong. Her legs and arms were too skinny, her joints unnatural, torso malformed, because she wasn't human. In fact, she looked more like a doll, a marionette, than anything that was ever alive. Was this "Iris"? Was that why Lana was saying she shut down instead of died?

Unbidden, a memory of Tabatha surfaced. An "automated doll," Altessa had called her. He'd had it explained that she wasn't really alive, but... he'd never been quite convinced. How could someone who wasn't alive look and act and talk like they were? It had been more than his mind could fathom.

Frowning down at Iris now, he realized he still didn't know what to think. He didn't even know if she was like Tabatha at all - but in a place where the people in charge didn't even care about human life, it was easy, far too easy, to believe the worst. The thought unsettled Lloyd, twisting in his gut uneasily the more he looked at the doll attached to the machine.

When Ryuuzaki asked for his thoughts, it was with a dull note of guilt and grief that he finally looked away. "I agree about the warp pads," he said. "They have to go somewhere, right?" Why else would the people who built this place have put them in? "But you and Lana should be between Castiel and me when we get on them, in case something attacks while we're still trying to get used to the dizziness." That would be when they were most vulnerable, and when the monsters would have the greatest chance of getting close.
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Castiel watched as Lloyd moved over to examine the deactivated robot, and even he could see that the boy felt conflicted about it. Castiel didn't know enough about androids to say if she was "dead" or not, but regardless, this had to be done. A sacrifice had been made, plain and simple -- many died in the midst of a war, and so they had to consider this necessary.

Though Castiel thought of Aigis and wondered if this would have been as easy for him to swallow, if he had known this lifelike machine.

"If we disable the pads, we may risk making it difficult for the others to move around." They seemed to be the group furthest along, but they still had to consider that. Castiel didn't have any objection to the battle strategy that had been set out, and so he merely tightened his grip on his blade and nodded firmly.

"I'll take point," he decided as he approached the next pad. That meant Lloyd would have the rear, with the others between them. With no idea of what might be waiting on the other side, Castiel boldly stepped onto the pad.

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