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Night 75: Sun Room

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Link broke into a run as soon as he crossed the threshold of the Sun Room. Even if something was waiting for them in here, there was absolutely no time to be wasted. He only made sure that Sora was still with him as he approached the door into the library.
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Again, Aigis could sense some movement around her but it faded before she managed to see anyone, though she was lucky to manage seeing anyone at all.

Her flashlight was now dead but she didn't much need it. She had walked this same path so many, many times.

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Aigis blinked in surprise when she was that the Sun Room itself was empty. Or at least, the first floor was. Above on the second floor she could hear the screaming and cries from both people and beasts alike though she didn't recognize any voices from this distance.

Carefully, Aigis touched Sechs' arm and steered them towards the library. "It seems there are others that could use our help, but..."

It was difficult for her, but they had priorities. While she would have liked to be certain the other patients she had a good acquiantanceship with were fine she could only make doubly sure that was the case if she got rid of the source of their misfortune. And that source was, of course, Martin Landel.
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Sechs had been expecting to see nothing but violence and carnage in the Sun Room, yet so far it remained untouched by the chaos ripping throughout the rest of the institute. There weren't even any bodies -- yet. Most of the action was clamoring from the second floor. If he and Aigis spent any more time than necessary here, sooner or later something was going to fall (or jump down) from above.

All of this had put Sechs' instincts on edge, so much so that he twitched slightly from Aigis' touch. By now Sechs was finally starting to get used to such gentle gestures from the fellow android. Looking towards the library entrance and back to Aigis, Sechs gave her a hesitant shrug. He too had planned on finding others, like Soushi and Zero...

"I know..." Sechs replied, understanding Aigis' uncertainty. "We could look for them but... I dunno if we'll have time to find them and get to Landel afterwards..." he said before his words were briefly drowned out by another audible outburst of violence from upstairs. "If we brought Landel down first, then we'd all be ok..."

That was if they could get to Landel at all in the first place. Melee weapons and firearms with limited ammo could only do so much, and their powers were still repressed as well. Taura hadn't caught with them yet either. With what was going on upstairs, what sort of chance did they have to reach Landel unscathed?
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The voices got clearer as Taura approached the doors into the Sun Room -- definitely Aigis and Sechs, and they didn't sound like they were in danger. Yet. There were screams somewhere in the distance; the Sphinx might have found someone to chase, or the creatures had found other patients, but she could only solve one problem at a time.

She ran into the room, slightly out of breath from her dash upstairs. "Mission accomplished," she whispered. She didn't explain, though it wasn't a secret. "Glad I caught you here."

She'd been up to the third floor, even if the other two hadn't; and the moving stairs were an excellent bottleneck. If Landel was sending out the troops, all he had to do was hold that door.
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"Yes, Landel is the primary objective here." Aigis knew that once he went down things would be better for all. Then they could help with clean up and maybe pool their resources and get back home.

Aigis felt Taura's approach only a second before she appeared behind them. It was with relief that she turned to their friend. "Welcome back."

But they couldn't linger. If they were going to be of any use they needed to move now.

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