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Night 75: West Wing, South Hall 1-A

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Link was moving quickly, picking up the pace as he walked without even realizing it. He was used to moving about at a steady jog, but the surroundings here simply weren't conducive to speed.

"I think I'm thankful for it, in the end," he added as an afterthought. At first, he had wished there could be some way to use the link between worlds to see the Twilight Princess again, but not anymore. He wanted her nowhere near this wretched place.
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Sora also considered Link his partner, though in his case he'd had plenty of them, both back home and here at Landel's. Just because he'd worked alongside a lot of people didn't mean that they mattered less, though.

When he'd first arrived here, Sora had had no way of knowing that at the end of it all, he'd be teamed up with someone like Link. It was strange to think back on all of it now, on the sheer number of faces who had come and gone. He didn't want to forget any of them -- and more than that, he didn't want them to forget themselves.

Link was definitely someone that Sora was glad to finish this out with, though -- there was no doubt about that.

"I had a lot of friends come through here," he said, glancing over as they walked. "Enemies, too. I have to make sure they all make it home."

Even the enemies? Sora had never thought that much about it before now, but he was going to have to decide. In the end, though, he knew he couldn't leave the Organization members or Xehanort's Heartless here in this world. They would only terrorize it.

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When he rounded the corner, Lloyd thought he heard footsteps and the hushed voices of other patients up ahead, but they faded, obviously on the move themselves. On another night, that might have reminded the teen to be wary, to move with cautious on the chance that those patients weren't friendly, or even patients at all, but he was too impatient, too angry to deaden his footsteps, and the thud of his boots echoed loudly as he stormed ahead.

Then stopped.

"Wait. Is this the right way?" It looked like a hall he was familiar with, but at night things looked different, and he was already turned around from starting in a different room than he was used to.
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Upset as Lloyd might be about Kratos, he seemed willing to set that aside for the sake of making more progress tonight. This might be their last chance. For all they knew, Landel would manage to process them for brainwashing between tonight and tomorrow morning.

They were getting picked off bit by bit, slowly but surely, and Castiel could practically feel the noose tightening.

When Lloyd stopped suddenly, Castiel almost barreled right into him. He could understand some disorientation from being moved around, and he nodded. "It is, follow me," he said, almost an order as he moved past Lloyd and continued around the corner.

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