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Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye ([personal profile] fourstonewalls) wrote in [community profile] damned_institute2014-03-09 11:47 am
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Night 75: Main Hallway, 1-West

[from here]

Running a psychological profile on the Head Doctor wasn't going to find them a way out of this mess, though. Too many had tried; there were enough of them with relevant experience, and more than enough amateurs. Knowing his motive wasn't enough; it would help if they could win and bring him to justice -- there was something beyond sadism going on.

He would be doing this (whatever this really was) whether or not he enjoyed it; the relish Landel took in it was just a bonus for him. And perhaps why he'd been selected for the position. Or why Aguilar had tried to have him removed; it was still unclear.

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