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Night 73: West Wing, South Hall 1-B

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So was the next one. Taura sped up, breaking into a run from her gentle lope. She was armed enough to jingle softly as she ran, and she wasn't sure if she looked fierce or ridiculous. She'd settle for whichever let her get closest to Landel before he started getting worried.

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Lana hurried down the hallway, the flashlight throwing long shadows up onto the walls. Her footsteps echoed; this place went from eerie to worse when there was no one else around, and she gripped the handle of her radio tighter. She wasn't afraid -- but the storm had had her on edge, and while it was coincidence, it still felt like she was going to round a corner and see her life ripped apart in front of her. Again.

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"I think we're out pretty early... I know there aren't a ton of women here, but..." She shone her light down the opposite end of the hall as she made her way silently for the main hallway.
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Tsubaki noticed the same thing. So far, things had been rather quiet.

"That's good," she murmured, glancing about them. As close to the cell blocks as they were, she couldn't trust there wouldn't be trouble in the shadows, waiting to ensnare unwary prisoners. Landel was ready and waiting for them; he'd made so many mentions of the prisoners' focus, he had to have something planned.

"We're lucky there's no trouble so far."

But given the Sun Room's track record, if there was a threat, it'd probably be positioned there.
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"Yeah, but it's the Sun Room we have to worry about," Korra said, voicing Tsubaki's thoughts.

"You ready to charge right in when we get there?" She rounded the corner into the main hallway.

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