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Day 73: Intercom, Dinner

As much fun as some patients might be having in the Game Room, all good things had to come to an end. So it was proved when the intercom clicked on, as always, for an interruption by everyone's favorite Head Doctor.

"What a wonderful way to wind down. I'm sure you're all having a great time in our Game Room, but we need to make sure you get your three square meals a day! You'll be needing that energy, won't you?

"So it's time for everyone to head back to their rooms for dinner with their roommates! Chicken teriyaki and vegetable tempura is what's on the menu tonight. My mouth waters just thinking about it!"

As much as everything else about this place might be deplorable, at least the food held up.

"So enjoy your dinner and have a good night, everyone!"

[ Please make sure to check here for new room assignments. And also check this post to see if your character received a note from the rebels! ]

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