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Night 65: Sun Room

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Abandoning the relatively often traversed hallways, Seishin cautiously followed Silvestri-san into the Sun Room. The sky had cleared up, it seemed, the moonlight coming in from the glass ceiling seeping the lounge in an eerie glow. Though it was not the first time the novelist had visited the area during the night, the difference with its relaxing atmosphere during the day was a striking one.

The sun room was wrapped in complete silence, making the tense air more ominous than it already was. He looked around the area, but the shadows that stretched over the carpet and the walls did not stir at their arrival. Unable to find anything out of the ordinary, the novelist raised his gaze to balconies above them. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make out anything beyond the railing.

At leas the coast appeared to be clear. For now.
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With the moonlight shining down into the room, there turned out to be almost no need for the flashlight. There hadn't been moonlight before, had there? Maybe the thick waves of hair had been obscuring the glass ceiling. Either way, the clear night sky tonight was a mixed sign; good in the sense that Skulduggery would hopefully see anything before it attacked, but bad in the sense that anything hiding in here would also have seen him by now.

At least the two people from earlier were nowhere to be seen. No dead bodies or entrails. They could, of course, have disappeared without a trace, but Skulduggery chose to believe they'd made it through just fine.

And then, exactly like when he'd been sitting here this morning, the dreaded rattling sound of that woman's attack seemed to bounce off every single wall, originating from nowhere, ringing in his ears. Skulduggery stopped, shining the flashlight into each corner, preferring not to leave anything to the chance that he might still be hallucinating.

"Do you hear anything?" he asked Rita over his shoulder.
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“There wasn’t much to choose from,” Rita mumbled in response to the comment about her backpack. Had the light been better, one might have been able to see a tinge of redness in her face.

She followed the man inside, pointing the flashlight around to make sure the coast was clear. Although… after last night, she knew she couldn’t trust her eyes alone.

… And sure enough, she could hear it. That eerie rattling sound... there was no source that she could see, but Rita knew what it indicated. When Skulduggery asked if she heard it, she knew it couldn’t be her imagination. That thing was near, and it was surely going to come after them again. “No way…” she hissed, tightening her grip on her flashlight. “I am not doing this again!”

She took off for the Library door, readying her sword whip in case she needed to tear through another wall of hair to get through it. But as the door came into sight, there was no sign of the monster from last night. Nothing but that sound. Rita wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip away; she immediately threw herself at the door, which opened easily, allowing her to dive safely into the Library.

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