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It was eerie, how empty the halls were. They seemed somehow larger at night, the darkness swallowing his magic torch's beam within little distance. Link was very attentive, knowing full well that something could pop up at any moment.

He refused to slow down, though.

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There was a group of people milling around at the end of this hallway, possibly waiting for friends or information, or simply taking in the view. The middle of the corridor in front of the Sun Room, however, was much more empty.

Skulduggery paused outside the large door and listened. He doubted anyone had gone in before now, so the sounds of relative quiet coming from the large room inside didn't do anything to make him feel more comfortable. And as his ability of reading the air seemed to be restricted to the small space surrounding him nowadays, there wasn't much he could do but wait for Rita to arrive.

And so he settled against the wall, arms folded and head down, in the exact same pose as when Rita found him last night. Her room must have been further away than his was. Or maybe she had another errand to run beforehand.

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Rita arrived, looking to be in far better condition than the previous night. She walked firmly and without limping, and her arm, though still weak, was now out of its sling, and her shoulders now supported a large backpack shaped, in an uncharacteristically cute fashion, like a cat's head.

Like clockwork, Skulduggery had arrived at the meeting point ahead of time and appeared to be waiting for her. Even if she still didn't know what to make of his bizarre skeleton story from earlier, Rita had to admit the guy was proving to be reliable in a few ways.

"Ready to go?" she asked as she approached him. Hopefully this time, everything would go without a hitch.
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Two people had gone into the Sun Room before Rita arrived. Skulduggery hadn't tried to stop them, warn them, or otherwise draw attention to himself; they seemed perfectly capable of handling themselves, and it was the perfect way to judge if the dead woman was still lurking. The lack of screams or sounds of violence seemed to indicate he and Rita would make more headway this time.

"Yes," he replied cheerfully, taking in Rita's appearance with a glance. "You look much better. Better-prepared, too. That's good." His mood had lifted considerably when the two people from earlier hadn't screamed. "Interesting choice of backpack."

He'd meant to ask her if she'd suffered anything like a bloody fingernail in her mouth, but as she also seemed to have more cheer in her step, Skulduggery let the matter slide. Without waiting for a reply, he gently pushed the door open, flicked his flashlight back on, and went in.

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