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Day 65: Intercom, Late Evening

The sky was clear as the sun finally began to dip behind the horizon. As if on cue, the intercom jingle sounded, and the Head Doctor's voice filtered into every room.

"Hello, again! I hope everyone enjoyed their meal." There was some clanking of silverware, as if the Head Doctor had just finished his own dinner. "That chicken is simply to die for, wouldn't you agree?" There was laugh that tapered off into a nervous chuckle before he cleared his throat.

"Anyway! Our new patients have probably needed some help adjusting to their new surroundings, but I'm sure plenty of you have been up for the task, hm? Our nurses and I really do appreciate it." After shuffling some papers around, the Head Doctor continued.

"At any rate, we'll now be preparing for lights out. Pleasant dreams!"

The intercom clicked off.