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Day 65: Intercom, Afternoon

Once again, the intercom jingle poured into the institute's halls, signaling the next shift change. As the staff moved to escort the patients to their next destination, the Head Doctor's voice filtered through each speaker.

"Well, that was a nice lunch period, now wasn't it? I hope everyone enjoyed themselves despite the bug that's been going around. If any of you are feeling under the weather, feel free to ask our staff for assistance.

At any rate, children will now be escorted to the showers while adults spend the next shift expressing their creativity in the Arts and Crafts room. Thank you, nurses!"

The intercom cut off as it always did, and the day proceeded as normal.

[Note: Newly-arrived characters (those who ICly intro'd either last Nightshift or this Dayshift) will not be forced to shower with everyone. Instead, they're welcome to spend their shift in the Sun Room! Let us know if you have any questions.]