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Day 65: Intercom, Morning

The customary jingle sounded over the intercom, signaling the shift change.

"Hello again, everyone!" the Head Doctor greeted. "I do hope you all enjoyed your breakfast. Goodness, I thought I could smell the French toast all the way in my office! Or perhaps I was just hungry..."

He gave a small, friendly chuckle. "At any rate, nurses, please escort patients to the next activity. Children will spend second shift in the Arts and Crafts room, while adults will go to the showers. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your morning!"

The intercom clicked off, and the staff went to work.

[Note: Newly-arrived characters (those who ICly intro'd either last Nightshift or this Dayshift) will not be forced to shower with everyone. Instead, they're welcome to spend their shift in the Sun Room! Let us know if you have any questions.]
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Angels didn't sleep. Not ordinarily, at least. The very closest sensation to that of rising through the grogginess to awareness was ... well, it was something Gabriel didn't want to dwell on, and was very much not the comfortable warmth that this had. This felt more like being hugged.

It was only when Gabriel opened his eyes that he realised Things Were Wrong, but he felt so comfortable and warm in an entirely alien way that, at first, he didn't want to move at all. So he lay there instead, blinking a little and looking around the room from the bed, but mostly just enjoying the entirely new sensation of having just woken up.

Of course, the more the peace receded, the more he started noticing just how wrong things were. Firstly, he couldn't remember anything between now and arriving at a coffeeshop to watch the sunrise on the habour. Secondly, he felt heavy in a way that was very distressing. Thirdly, he didn't actually know where he was, and when he reached out with his senses to orient himself, he found them completely and utterly blank.

That was enough to make him sit up quickly, and then feel abruptly sick with the white swirl of dizziness in his head. Swallowing reflexively, the Archangel gripped his head and waited for the--very uncomfortable--feeling to subside. The sound of the door opening was what made him look up to find an older woman bustling into the room, smiling kindly at him.

"Good morning, Noah. Goodness, you must have been tired. How are you feeling?"

"Um ..." Gabriel searched himself mentally and looked around the room, somewhat at a loss. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. Even when he'd nearly been damned, he'd still had all his powers and senses, as corrupted as they'd been. This was a blindness, and it was making his stomach turn over unpleasantly. "I'm not sure. Forgive me, but--where am I?"

The woman patted his shoulder. "That's all right, dear. Some confusion is perfectly normal. You're at Landel's Institute and I'm afraid you've missed breakfast, but let's get you up to the sun-room for some quiet until you're feeling a bit more settled."

Gabriel submitted to the hand on his shoulder which encouraged him to rise, and found he was rather glad of it, if only because his balance was off. He nearly stumbled as he stood, feeling strangely weighed down, as if his body was a body and not an illusion.

"What's the Institute for?" he asked as he got himself situated, taking note of the clothes he was wearing and obeying the nurse's direction to put on a pair of slippers. He didn't remember coming here, or even the intent to, or even a suggestion to do so from his Master.

The lack of that memory made him uneasy.

So did the nurse's smile, somehow. It was a kind smile, a sympathetic one, and it made him smile back automatically, but there was a pity there that 'got his goat', as his Master would say. "For people in certain circumstances, who need a very special kind of help. Come along, dear. You can wake up properly in the sun-room."

She patted his hand and turned to lead him from the room. Gabriel, bewildered and not particularly liking the suspicion that was brewing in the back of his mind, had no choice but to follow.

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