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Night 64: Main Hallway, 1-Center

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She paused again by the Sun Room, probing the darkness. There were no flashlights around to break up the shadows, and no natural light to guide her eyes. After all her many nights moving around the building without her own flashlight she’d become more than adept at navigating in total darkness, but caution still pricked at the fine hairs on the nape of her neck every time she reached an area that was not heavily populated with foot traffic.

If Landel had half a mind to prevent them from reaching the secret in the Medical Wing, now would be the time for him to act. Tsubaki couldn’t trust that he hadn’t heard I.R.I.S.’ relay, if the intercom’s abrupt cut-off had been any indication.

As she passed the doors leading to the entryway, she once again felt her eyes wandering toward them. Would what had happened there happen again? To someone she knew next time?

Would someone be injured because of the transformed prisoner?

Keep going, the assassin in her said. No time for doubts.

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...And here was the Sun Room, doors as wide open as they were during the day, but revealing a room far less warm and inviting. Skulduggery came to a stop just outside and glanced in, but he couldn't see or feel anything strange in the darkness. The air currents from within drifting against his hand were perfectly normal, and felt like they had been for at least an hour - no one had passed through recently.

Yet, he elected not to go in just yet. Rita had said something guarded this place at night, and Skulduggery didn't really fancy the idea of picking a fight alone with... whatever that something was, not when his magic was so limited and his body so unwieldy. He was breathing heavily from a short walk, for God's sake. A walk. He would have given his lungs a stern lecture, if he could, as well as some advice on toning the noise down.

With no one else in the hallway yet, Skulduggery folded his arms and leaned against the wall next to the Sun Room doors to wait for Rita. He had plenty of thoughts to occupy his time, most of which seemed to have been thrust upon him within the last five minutes.
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And there he was, waiting just where she told him to. That was good to see, at least.

Rita walked over to the man, her movements far smoother than they'd been earlier in the day, when she was practically hobbling about in pain. She'd left the sling where it was, though - despite the healing spells' effects, Rita wasn't confident that her shoulder was healed entirely. Best to stay on the safe side.

"Looks like you made it," she commented by way of greeting, then looked to the Sun Room. "Did you see or hear anything while you were waiting?" It could give them an idea as to what, if anything, awaited them beyond that doorway.
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He glanced up as Rita came near, no longer limping or protecting herself so gingerly. The arm was still in a sling, but this time she didn't seem to care if it bounced around a little bit. All in all, the teenager looked a lot better, and perhaps even a bit taller, than she had just a few hours ago. Were injuries simply less painful at night, or was this what had delayed her? If Skulduggery were a gambling man, his money would have been on the latter.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," he answered her, just before a slight pause. "Unless screaming counts as ordinary. But I didn't hear any screaming either."

Normally, Skulduggery wouldn't have mentioned the apparent healing - he was no stranger to watching bones knit in a few minutes, after all - but Yomi had been looking for something to do just this, and she'd given the impression that it was difficult to come by. "How did you heal yourself just now?"
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Rita stiffened at the screaming comment, but it soon appeared to be some kind of stupid joke. Ugh. He was one of those types.

But what got her more was how he seemed to recognize her improved health immediately - and also recognized it was due to magic. "How could you tell?" she asked, dumbstruck for a moment. How bad did she look earlier that day? Rita never bothered checking a mirror.

In any case, there was no point in lying, so she explained. "I don't use restorative magic myself, so I borrowed an item from another patient. It's a stone with a healing spell inscribed on it." It was probably best that Skulduggery understood that she couldn't heal normally, and wasn't going to be curing either of them if they got injured on this little excursion.
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"Because I'm brilliant." Just as Rita wanted Skulduggery to know she didn't have healing magic herself, Skulduggery thought it was best to let her know that right off the bat. "You were having trouble this afternoon. You don't strike me as the kind of person who asks for help when they don't need to, no matter how inconvenient the alternative might be. Now, you're walking normally. Injuries don't heal that fast on their own."

Well, unless you were an Adept with a healing ability, like China Sorrows. But there really wasn't time for long explanations now, so Skulduggery simply noted that Rita no longer had the healing stone on her, as far as he could tell. "Who did you borrow it from?"

He knew at least one person who would be interested in getting back on their feet, and there were likely many more.
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“Uh huh,” was all Rita had to say about that. She could see the logic in that reasoning, at least, so she supposed she could leave it at that. The ‘brilliant’ part was still questionable, though.

As for who she borrowed it from, Rita was reluctant to say. “Why, do you need it for something?” He didn’t look injured to her. It was possible he had an academic interest in the item as Rita did, but even then… “I’m not sure I trust you enough to tell you without a good reason.” If any old schmuck knew that Taura possessed something valuable like that, there was a chance that someone would try to steal it. Rita wasn’t going to be responsible for that.
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Now this was more familiar territory. As helpful as it was, Skulduggery wasn't used to people who answered his questions right away, with the truth, the first time, without even the need for a minor threat. That seemed to be all he'd gotten so far, give or take. But here was a girl with some common sense, as well as an opinion of his ego comparable to Valkyrie's. In fact, Rita was acting enough like Valkyrie in the short time since they'd met that Skulduggery was beginning to wonder if the teenage mage was a hallucination.

"Fair enough," he conceded. "I don't need it personally, but I met someone last night who would love fast-healing injuries." He pushed himself off the wall and turned to face the doorway. "Shall we?"

It occurred to Skulduggery that he'd been fighting for the last few centuries under the assumption that his skeleton was the only thing that could be damaged. But now he had skin, and organs. Skin that could be cut, organs that could be punctured. Skulduggery was no medical expert, but he was pretty sure a pierced lung or ruptured heart was a little more detrimental and worrisome than a cracked thigh bone. And, of course, reattaching limbs would be a bit of an issue. Healing stones could come in very handy down the road.
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Looked like he didn’t take much offense to being told she didn’t trust him. Good. Rita didn’t need to deal with the type of person who considered every little acquaintance a trusted friend.

... Almost as if on cue, the mage noticed Sora – Kairi’s friend – giving her a friendly wave as he passed by. Yeah, that type.

Skulduggery suggested that they get moving, and Rita had to agree. Even if their destination wasn’t far, there was no point in wasting time. They could continue talking when they reached the library. “Right, let’s go.” She poked her head into the doorway to check for obvious danger, then entered.

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