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Day 64: Intercom, Late Evening

As fog continued to settle over the chilly and wet countryside, the intercom's happy jingle cut into the end of the patients' dinnertime.

"Hello again, everyone!" the Head Doctor greeted. "I hope you all enjoyed your meals after such a busy day. Yesterday's hiccup on the way back to the Institute made several of you understandably upset, and that became even more apparent after reading what some of you had to say on the bulletin board today. Rest assured that I'll be personally looking into the matter so it can be resolved in a way that's fair to everyone."

A rustling sound punctuated his promise, and anyone listening would soon realize he was shuffling some papers around.

"With that said, I know some of you are ready to hunker down for the night, so--"

Just as the sun dipped behind the horizon outside, the intercom began to spew a heavier amount of static, and the Head Doctor's voice grew more warped.