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Day 64: Intercom, Afternoon

As the shift neared its end, the staff once again began to make preparations to escort patients to their next activities. The rain outside, meanwhile, continued to fall heavier than it had earlier that morning. Still, the Head Doctor wasn't deterred by the gloomy weather outside, and the cheery intercom jingle sounded at the same time it always did.

"Hello again! I hope some of you have been enjoying our visitors day. Family and friends will continue to visit with patients at the front of the building for the remainder of the afternoon. We'll also continue playing our movie selection in the Sun Room for those who didn't get a chance to watch it last shift. Since this shift is also a free choice for most of you, the nurses will happily escort you wherever you wish to go -- within reason, of course."

For a moment, it seemed like he was about to bid everyone farewell for the time being, but then the Head Doctor spoke again.

"By the way, staff will also be issuing letters to those who received them. Since we know the Institute is so far away for some of your friends and families, we hope you'll enjoy this opportunity to hear from them, even if they couldn't make it in person to see you this week.

And that covers just about everything! Enjoy."

The intercom clicked off, and in some rooms the Head Doctor's voice was replaced with the steady patter of rain.

((Please read here for Mail Call information. As usual, visitors will continue for fourth shift, so please check the Visitor Shift Schedule if you're not sure whether your character is getting visited during 3rd or 4th shift. Let us know if you have any questions!))

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