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This time, when the darkness faded and the next thing Skulduggery became aware of was that same bed underneath him, he didn't take the time to absorb the jarring feeling and sort out what might be going on. He leaped off the bed immediately, almost stumbling in the process - damn balance - and took a moment to realize that his eyes were burning and he could barely see a thing.

The room was blinding. The light itself wasn't an issue; it was the fact that Skulduggery's eyes had to slowly adjust to it, a sensation he hadn't experienced in ages and had never expected to experience again. He had a hand pressed to his forehead and was blinking rapidly when a woman knocked on the door and came in.

She was... cheerful. Everything was cheerful, from the bright light and noises outside to the intercom announcement that interrupted the woman's sudden spiel. It was such a startling change from just a few minutes ago that Skulduggery found himself lost for words while the... nurse... nodded brightly at him. She'd said something about a mental hospital, something about a man called Erik, and something else about 'not real' and 'getting better.' With Skulduggery's mental prowess - even operating at less than its usual efficiency - it was easy to work out what she meant.

He studied her openly once the light wasn't so blinding. "You're either a very convincing liar, utterly insane, or a psychopath. Let me find out which one." His head tilted. "Would you believe me if I said there was a woman last night who had been mortally wounded, but who was still walking around?" He cut her off before she could answer. "No, obviously not. And I don't think you're a psychopath who murders people for fun. A convincing liar, then. That doesn't clear anything up in the slightest, but I suppose it's something."

"Mr. MacAuley, you were sleeping all of last night. Are you sure you didn't just have a nightmare?"

Skulduggery wanted to point out that as a skeleton, he didn't sleep, and he certainly didn't have nightmares. The blurriness at the edges of his vision, however, reminded him with a jolt of his mysterious transformation to human. Suddenly, annoyingly, the nurse was making much more sense.

Was it... real, then? Everything with Yomi and the chapel - had that all just been a vivid hallucination? Had his entire life just been a vivid hallucination, like the woman was insisting?

In a slight daze, Skulduggery asked to see the chapel. He was standing there alone now, examining the fountain carefully for any sign of its demonic visage from before. But now it was just a fountain, the water was just water, and despite Skulduggery's best efforts, the water didn't respond to his Elemental magic. It remained stubbornly in its basin without so much as a ripple, silently mocking him.

Skulduggery sat down heavily on one of the pews, mystified. He wasn't insane. He joked sometimes that he was, and it might partly be true, but he wasn't insane on a level like this. He didn't just make up his whole life as he pleased.

[Free! But be prepared for a barrage of questions.]
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What an exhausting night. Granted, most of Claude's nights weren't too restful these days, but he hadn't expected one of the buses to crash. If that hadn't have happened, they probably would have made it back to the institute before the sun set and things got out of hand.

Man, he hadn't gotten anything done last night, he inwardly grumbled. What a waste.

But today was a new day, and he was in one piece -- two things he knew he couldn't take for granted in this place. Of course, the rash creeping up his arm had only gotten larger since the last time he'd looked at it, and he was decidedly more nauseated this morning. Even so, Claude did his best to suck it up and get up out of bed once the nurse came to collect him. From the sound of the announcement, he wasn't the only one dealing with these weird symptoms, which meant he didn't have an excuse to wallow around all day.

With his condition in mind, the stillness of the chapel sounded like the better choice. Since that was where he normally went on Sundays anyway, the nurse didn't bat an eye, and instead cheerfully escorted him to the second floor.

Not many people had arrived yet, which meant he had a lot of empty pews to choose from. Claude took a seat toward the edge of the chapel, keeping his rash close to the wall so the irritated skin wouldn't be the first thing anyone saw if they sat down next to him. With that taken care of, he let out a small breath, closed his eyes, and simply rested for now. If he was lucky, his nausea would clear up by the time brunch rolled around.

[For mother dearest!]
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As disturbing as last night had been, it could have been worse! For Ilia, at least. She and Roes had managed to escape the wrath of the Aquilas, if only by the skin of their teeth. Ilia thanked her lucky stars, and that was all she was thanking. So, after posting a quick note about her bar on the bulletin, it was with irony that Ilia made her way to the second floor to the chapel this Sunday morning.

Despite her logical mind, Ilia could still appreciate the beauty of religious icons and architecture. The institute's chapel wasn't particularly stunning. In fact, it was mostly just peaceful in its layout and lighting. How quaint.

Thoughts mostly on the night to come and wondering about her turn-out, Ilia almost took a seat in a pew by herself. Just as she was about to sit, however, her eyes caught sight of a familiar blond and a small smile spread over her face. Heading his way, Ilia stopped just short of where she might sit and chuckled. Talk about déjà vu.

"This seat taken?"
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Upon hearing his mom's voice, Claude suddenly looked up at her with raised eyebrows. "O-oh!" Doing his best to give her the brightest smile he could muster, he nodded toward the empty space beside him. "Sure! Have a seat!"

They hadn't talked much since the day after his mother's foray into the coliseum. His heart still ached at the thought of her helplessly watching a friend die, but she seemed to be in better spirits today. Did that mean she'd been lucky enough to find that girl again?

"How're you doing?" he asked, his voice a little gentler now.
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Ilia seemed to have surprised her friend, but it was still early. Ilia gave him a smile and took her seat, feeling at ease.

"I've been great! Other than our little detour last night, that is." Ilia chuckled dryly. She cast her gaze quickly over Claude, looking for injuries. He seemed to be fine at first glance, but she couldn't be completely sure in the dim lighting. "How about you, Claude?"

A smile quirked at the corner of her lips. "You had a nice time yesterday?"

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The image of Renji's body, bloated and torn apart and distorted almost beyond recognition, burned through Sora's mind like the fever that he'd been suffering from for the past day or so. It wasn't something he'd been prepared to see, and the guilt of realizing that he should have kept a closer eye on the man since his return was something that twisted through his body like an illness.

It was no real surprise, then, that he woke up feeling nauseous. His fever seemed to be easing up at least a little, but when rolling over in bed almost made him want to puke right then and there, he had to admit that his condition hadn't exactly improved.

On top of that, because of everything that had happened last night, he hadn't gotten any chance to search for medicine to help ease the symptoms. Curing it seemed like an impossible goal, especially when the only thing Sora could really focus on was the fact that Renji and Daemon were dead, mutilated by who knows what.

There was a large part of him that wanted to just stay in bed. He was sick and could probably plead with a nurse to be left alone at least until midday, but in the end he decided it was more important to inform people of what had happened to Renji and Daemon. He forced his body out of the bed, swaying and laying a hand on his stomach to try and calm it. Not that that was going to work.

Landel mentioned something about how they could ask the nurses for medicine, but he didn't know if he trusted anything that the institute was putting out. When they were responsible for him feeling this way in the first place, he figured it might make more sense to try and tough it out on his own.

Sora quietly informed his nurse that he wanted to go the Sun Room first when asked, and remained there just long enough to put up a message explaining what had happened to Renji and Daemon. It wasn't worded very well, but he didn't have the energy to write something long and detailed. Overall, he was relieved that they wouldn't be eating until next shift, because the idea of stomaching anything with how he was feeling seemed impossible.

The nurse led him up to the chapel next, and Sora moved to the front of the room, fighting back spikes of nausea as he looked for a place to sit. He spotted a tall, skinny man nearby and tried to work his way around him. "Excuse me," he said quietly, his face pale with illness. And that rash that had started on his hand had only spread since yesterday, but that was something he could almost forget about; at least it didn't itch.
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It wasn't too surprising that the stranger ended up saying something. Sora got the feeling that most people would have a hard time just ignoring someone his age who looked sick moving past them. Still, that didn't mean he was in any state to have a proper conversation.

Most patients should have known about the sickness going around, though, seeing how Landel had brought it up a lot already. Maybe this stranger was just trying to be subtle about the whole thing, but at this point Sora realized it would be impossible to hide.

"Yeah, it's going around," he said as he sat himself down, letting out a small sigh of relief. The nausea wasn't as bad when he wasn't moving around. "I... don't think it's contagious or anything, though, so you don't have to worry." Sora was going to have enough people avoiding him at night. He didn't want it to start happening during the day, too.

Sure, some time to himself might have done him good, just because he wasn't feeling great, but at the same time he didn't want to be stuck being miserable on his own.

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When Castiel came to, his first thought wasn't so much a thought as a realization that his arm still ached. In fact, the grand majority of him ached, and while his head seemed to have finally let up on that insistent pounding, the rest of his body seemed to be suffering as a result.

It was to the point that his muscles seemed to protest as he sat up out of bed, even though he was favoring his uninjured arm. As much as his vessel seemed to want to give out on him, however, Castiel wasn't willing to allow that. He lifted up his shirtsleeve to see that his wound had been bandaged. It seemed that Lingormr's quick stitching job had done the trick.

Another debt owed, and at this point he wasn't certain how to repay it. Lingormr was free to call on him at any time that he was required, and perhaps for now that was good enough. Castiel stood up, glancing toward the intercom system when Landel mentioned that they were allowed to ask the nurses for medicine if needed.

He had no idea if there was anything that could actually relieve the pain he was in, and for all he knew giving into that suggestion would only make things worse. It would be like accepting a deal from a demon and not expecting some sort of catch. For now, he endeavored to bear it.

As usual for Sundays here, he was given a choice of where to go for the first shift, and also as usual, he chose the chapel, not bothering to examine too closely his reasons for why. The room was still on the empty side when he reached it, and Castiel soaked in the silence, stepping forward to the front of the room and settling into a pew on the left side.

He started to run through the things he would need to do that day. He'd need to contact Lingormr and Soma, ask after Sam and Dean again, and work toward reversing this illness before it reached some sort of critical point. Castiel's gaze dipped down to his hand, where the redness that had started there had now spread up past his wrist. There was no way to hide that today.

[For Kratos.]
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Waking up was easy enough; what came next gave him trouble. His chest and shoulder were covered in bandages, and both complained bitterly when he tried to sit up. In the end, Kratos had to simply grit his teeth and push himself up with his uninjured arm, which turned out to be a harder task than he expected. By the time the nurse came in, he already felt tired, and the day had barely started. Pathetic.

--but he had been asking for this, actively pursuing it by attempting his own version of thoughtless, brash heroics. At least they had managed to defeat the aquila; that made the whole ordeal somewhat worth it.

Usually, he actively avoided the chapel, but this time, Kratos actually felt inclined to head there rather than go to the Sun Room; he had a feeling that most of the people there would be airing out their complaints about the stupidity of the blond man from yesterday, whether on the board or in person, and Kratos had no head for that at the moment. It was when he felt his worst that he most preferred quiet and solitude, and the chapel could certainly offer both, even if religious spaces made him uncomfortable. Purposefully ignoring certain details, though, was well within his capabilities.

As he walked down the main aisle, looking for somewhere to sit where he could perhaps close his eyes in peace for an hour or so and catch his breath, he spotted Castiel sitting in one of the pews. Normally, he might have passed him by - the point wasn't to find familiar faces - but a chance glance at the man's exposed hand gave him reason to pause. Like Sora's, Castiel's hand was covered in a rash that labeled him as another victim of Landel's virus. This time, though, he felt no need to automatically entertain the possibility of also killing Castiel in the near future; in fact, perhaps because he was sick of even thinking about fighting at the moment, he found himself feeling sympathetic.

It was that hint of sympathy that led him to sit down next to Castiel, eyes looking straight ahead rather than at the man's hand. "Good morning."
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Castiel didn't quite understand organized religion or the strange decisions made in its name, but he knew enough about it to realize that in a chapel like this, the expectation was to sit quietly and commune with God. He personally had no interest in such a thing, seeing how he'd already wasted far too much time trying to find word from a Father who wasn't listening, but he was surprised by how many patients were chatting among themselves.

It could be that the majority of the people here had no faith, or perhaps they'd all realized that there were more important matters at hand than their relationship with whichever god they worshiped.

Either way, he wasn't particularly shocked when someone came to join him, and Kratos' presence was hardly upsetting. The two of them had always seemed to understand each other in an instinctive way, which was surprising seeing how they weren't even the same species. Certain things transcended those lines, however.

It was difficult to know whether or not Kratos had noticed his hand, but Castiel wasn't interested in drawing attention to it. He nodded in greeting, annoyed when he found even that small action caused him pain. "How have you been?" he asked. Kratos didn't seem to be moving very fluidly either, and Castiel wondered if he'd also sustained injury the night before.
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For a few seconds, Kratos said nothing. Then, with a sigh, he looked down and ran a hand across the tops of the books sitting in the shelf in front of them. "I've been better." The past few days had been nothing short of eventful, and hardly in a good way. That whole business with Lingormr, his bizarre run-in with Honda in the showers, Sora's illness, last night in its entirety--as usual, he couldn't seem to catch a break. The thought of having even one day (night didn't even need to be included) to gather his thoughts and energy in relative peace sounded like an utter fantasy at this point, although that didn't stop him from wanting it.

"But, worse as well, as frightening as it is to admit that." He looked up at Castiel. "You?" If the man's hand was anything to go by, the answer to that was not well at all, but Kratos would let Castiel speak for himself.

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When Barnaby awoke and slipped his glasses over the bridge of his nose, he wasn't surprised to hear the Head Doctor addressing them over the intercom. This was apparently something that happened every day, so he knew to expect it now. Unfortunately, blacking out and waking up in a bed wasn't something he was completely unaccustomed to, but Barnaby had to admit that he wasn't used to it happening with such regularity. Not only that, but his wasn't an isolated case, which made all of this even more disconcerting.

Every day brought more questions than answers, it seemed. The moments right before his blackout were particularly disturbing. Barnaby wasn't sure how their captors had managed it, but this place apparently had the resourced to change them all into something that wasn't human anymore. Moreover, they didn't seem to care whether they all lived or died.

The rash, meanwhile, had crept further up his arm like a snake coiling across his skin. Although it didn't itch, he noticed his knees were more wobbly this morning. Barnaby wasn't sure whether it was a result of the fatigue he'd been feeling, or something else, but he knew he didn't like it.

He would have to observe the other patients to get a better idea of how many people were in the same boat as him. First, though, Barnaby wanted to use the current shift as a way to get a better look at the second floor. As a result, he informed the nurse he wanted to go to the Chapel this morning.

It wasn't as ornate as some of the chapels one would see in a book or on television, but that was hardly surprising. After settling down on a pew, Barnaby picked up one of the hymnals and flipped through the pages. Nothing pointed toward any clear denomination, and after a moment he put the black book back.

There wasn't much for him to do now except pass the time. Nurses lined the room, watching them like hawks in order to keep them from sneaking out of the chapel undetected. Barnaby folded his arms over his chest, and he silently wondered how many of them underwent such an excruciating-looking transformation each night. Closing his eyes, he was only left with the surrounding quiet, and his own thoughts.

[For Anise!]
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She was safe. That was the first thing to come to mind when Anise awakened that morning. The creatures that pursued her and her friends through the forest were far behind them now.

Of course, she wasn't completely in the clear. The rash on her hand had spread up most of her forearm. A quick search led to the recovery of the shopping bag from yesterday, from which Anise grabbed the make-up tube and began applying it to her arm. In the end, it couldn't hide all hints of discoloration on the skin, but the redness had been paled enough that it wasn't too obvious. At least no one would see it from a distance.

A nurse arrived soon after she was finished, and Anise cooperated as she was escorted first to the Sun Room for a quick stop at the bulletin, then to the Chapel. Though Anise had given up on any hope of being rescued from the institute through divine intervention, the atmosphere of the room reminded her of home, and that was reason enough to visit there from time to time.

Upon entering the room, she immediately spotted Claude and Ilia, who both appeared to be in one piece. That was good to see. But they were involved in their own little conversation, and it'd be rude to butt in, so Anise began to make her way to the front of the room instead. On her way, however, she caught a glimpse of a handsome man's face... then stopped, took a couple steps back, and looked again.

With his eyes closed, Anise was able to steal a much longer look than was normally polite. His face really did look like that of a storybook prince, though. Anise wanted to try talking to him, but he looked like he was resting, or maybe meditating... Maybe she'd just be bothering him.

But then again, what kind of heartless monster would reject the company of a poor little (cute) girl like her? Batting her eyelashes, she took another step closer and opened with a timid-sounding, "Um... excuse me. Is it okay if I sit here?"
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With how closed off he made himself appear, Barnaby had been hoping that no one would approach him just yet. Still, Dent had warned him that would be difficult to get much time to himself as long as he was trapped here. With the way the nurses structured every minute of their day, that was probably what their captors intended.

Well, regardless, there was no point in sending the young girl away. His assigned nurse was watching him closely, for one thing, and she seemed invested in the idea of him making "friends". As long as he was at a disadvantage, Barnaby had no intention of giving himself a bad reputation with the staff. Not only that, but it was difficult to tell whether anyone was from Stern Bild from a simple glance. Even if he wasn't working as a Hero anymore, Barnaby had poured a lot of effort in maintaining his clean, polished image. He wouldn't give it up so easily.

For that reason, he opened his eyes and turned his attention onto the shy girl standing near his seat. She couldn't have been much older than 14 -- maybe even about Dragon Kid's age. Barnaby's mouth curved into a polite smile, his expression deliberate and well-rehearsed.

"Certainly," he answered in an even tone.
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“Thank you!” Anise cheered as if that had been a victory in itself, and with a light giggle, she plopped down into the space next to him. It was hard to tell if he appreciated her being there, but at the very least, he seemed to have excellent manners – which was a very good sign in Anise’s book.

Not wanting things to fall into quiet awkwardness, Anise went on to ask the man a few questions, hoping to get the wheels of conversation rolling. “So, what’s your name? I haven’t seen you around that much… Are you new?” Maybe she could use some of her veteran knowledge to keep him interested.

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It was pathetic to feel relief when the moon went down… but, well, Aidou did. Fleeing through the woods with an injured girl could only lead to bad things. He hadn’t cared about such things when he’d been at the Academy, roaming the moonlight grounds with the sweet smell of blood in the air, but that had been then and this was now.

And in the here and now, blood led to trouble.

The only good thing to come out of last night was him escaping unscathed. If it had been his own blood flecking the ground, he was sure he would have been facing down the morning with a very different mindset.

As it was, he was only mildly unhappy to be making the weekly trek to the upstairs chapel. He wasn’t injured, he wasn’t sick… that was something to be pleased about, wasn’t it? At least until Landel revealed his next sadistic circus trick.

Finding a quiet spot on a pew, Aidou stretched his legs out, hooking his arms behind the pew back. Despite all the crap going on, now was almost a good time to go for a nap…
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Aigis felt sore, but she had been particularly lucky the last night to have escaped relatively unscathed. If not for those transformations. That awful image of that nurse bursting with scalpels, shredding until it became something entirely inhuman. Every time she closed her eyes she could see it happening again and again.

The bird terrors, despite their greater threat, had held lesser fear for Aigis. Even with Sechs' life thrown into the mixture. Just thinking about it made her question whether that was simply her confidence in his ability to survive was so great, or whether her selfish wish to continue to survive was greater.

A place of contemplation was what Aigis needed. Entering the chapel for only her second time since entering the institute, Aigis looked around for a place to rest. There were a few patients here, none that she felt she could share her inner workings with clearly without interrupting another conversation. Except Aidou was there, seated by himself. As usual. Feeling there would be no harm in it, Aigis trotted down to his pew and took a seat on the cushion beside him. She made no move to interrupt his rest. Just sat with her eyes on one of the stained glass windows.
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Except there were no good times for naps, not anymore. Even if it was day and an thus an all-too appropriate time for vampires to slumber, Aidou just… couldn’t. He was half afraid that if he closed his eyes, he would miss something. Like Sasuke, maybe, though the boy wasn’t moving quite as fast these days.

He didn’t know quite what he’d miss, but there was always the chance something important would happen. Something he needed to see. So he kept his eyes open and pretended he was more relaxed than he was.

“You again,” he said, when his latest stalker emerged from the woodwork and took up a spot beside him. “Still alive, I see.”

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It was quiet. That was all Badd needed right now.

He sat down in one of the pews and pressed the heels of his hands so hard into his face that his eye sockets hurt. Stupid, stupid, useless and stupid. At least Anise had managed to stay safe, through some miracle, and he'd saved Byrne and Renamon, but he'd left the others to die. He hadn't gone back as fast as he could have.

He'd die to get Byrne out of here. Hell, he might die just to get himself out of here. But he was quite sure even that wouldn't solve his problem. Everything they did was just spitting in the wind. There was no point. There had never been a point.

What the hell was he supposed to do?

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[I apologize in advance for this. :'|]

Chapels calmed Maya, but unfortunately, a chapel in the place she was imprisoned wasn't much relief at all. For one thing, to reach the chapel she had to pass a hall that she had recently seen coated with blood, and it brought too readily to mind the most recent scene in the entry room.

And now the good doctor was threatening them all with it. He was being inscrutable as usual, then; he had a method of forcing all the patients to lose consciousness so there was no reason he couldn't just do it if it struck his fancy. It had been the General who had wanted the patients to perform for him; the doctor merely made threats and didn't bother to explain why. Business as usual for him.

"Long night?" Maya said wearily as she took a seat next to the man. She didn't much care if he was hurting himself or not (humans did the silliest things), but she didn't like the thought that the head overlord Landel was watching and taking sadistic glee in the patients' actions. Unfortunately, there wasn't much Maya could do. "Do you need a hug?" she said as sincerely as possible, which meant it didn't sound sincere at all.
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Oh, right. This was Landel's. If the institute itself wasn't torturing you the other patients would take up the slack. "Probably not as much as you could use a kick in the teeth," he mumbled, letting his hands drop and huddling with his elbows on his knees. Even hunched, he still did an admirable job of looming over her. "You got a problem with a guy trying to do a little praying in here?"

Not that he was praying to anyone, per se, but he could use an excuse to make himself seem less despondent.

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Take medication, he said. Right, because there was nothing Kotetsu longed for more than some delicious unmarked pills from a crime syndicate posing as a mental institute. Yeah, he'd pass. The older man told the nurse as much when she had sen the rash that was steadily creeping up his arms. He had woken up in a cold sweat, heart hammering against his rib cage to find that, once again, he was alone. Barnaby was probably back in his own bed. Kotetsu hoped so, at least.

For his partner' sake, he asked his nurse to grab him a long-sleeved shirt so it would cover most of the rash up. The pair of them had enough to worry about without adding a strange disease to the list. While she was at it, Kotetsu asked if she could grab his crappy Doyleton mask for him. The nurse gave him a look, but he was immune to them already. If he wanted to be a crazy old man with a mask, that was prerogative! He was tired of having to make up a new story every time he ran into someone, because his stories weren't very well constructed! Plus, they were hard to keep up with.

As they made their way to the stairwell, he realized this wasn't the route to breakfast. "Are we not eating?" he asked.

"Not on Sunday. We have chapel first and then we'll take you to brunch."

"Oh... Okay, chapel, huh?" When he finally figured out what she meant, he stopped walking and his nurse had to circle back. "Yeah, uh, I'm not really Christian or anything..." His wedding had been Christian, but neither of them had ever been active practitioners, especially once his wife had died.

"That's fine. This isn't about denomination. This is a place for anyone to sit and think. Everyone is heard here, no matter what they belief."

"Everyone? Oh, well that's nice of him..." That made the nurse laugh as she shuffled him inside. It was very small, but there was plenty of space. He found room in one of the pews closer to the door and sat down. It didn't take him long to grow restless. His shoe creaked softly as he rocked back and forth on the balls of his foot. Uncrossing his legs, he changed legs and crossed them again.

The quiet got to him as much as the scenery. Most whispered softly to each other, but he could see some actually resting or thinking like they were supposed to be. Frankly, Kotetsu couldn't remember the last time he tried praying--Actually, no that was a lie. He remembered the day perfectly. It was the night before his leave of absence was used up and he had to return to work. He didn't ask for anyone in particular, just that someone listen to him when he asked to keep his wife safe while he was out helping everyone else. The last thing he wanted was to have her all alone in her last moments.

Well, Kotetsu reflected bitterly, that hadn't worked out very well. He never thought about a higher power since then. Still, he had others to think of again. Sitting up straight, Kotetsu brought his hands together and bowed his head.

Okay, god or gods--I dunno, but just listen for a second. I'm not sure how I got myself in this. I thought I was out for good, and here I am! I don't care if I have to stay a deadbeat as long as Kaede isn't left alone. She's only got me--

And so does Bunny... Damnit, he's gone through more than enough for one lifetime, please just fix him. Fix him so he remembers. It's just not fair after spending his whole life finding answers and then waking up to find them all gone again. please, enough is enough!

Smacking his hands together twice, Kotetsu slouched back against the pew and felt silly for using such desperate tactics, but it was unfortunately a desperate situation they found themselves in.

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A new morning was always a good start. Another day in which his eyes opened and he was alive would never be bad thing. Only Brook did not feel much like singing when his eyes opened this time and... well something about that was just unnatural!

As bad as he'd been feeling in the days before, he now felt infinitely worse and for once would have been quite content to have stayed in the bed for just a little longer. His nurse shouldn't mind that much. Only she did and was forcing him up and out with a little assistance. He somewhat registered that she was helping him dress over the fact that the rash on his arm had spread even more. Was that what was causing all this. A rash that made him weak. No, a rash that kept him from singing! It was evil, and actually just too horrid for words! Not that he could muster up the strength to talk down on it.

Somehow making it to the chapel, Brook was thankful when the nurse showed him to a seat where he could rest, managing his best to give her a, "Thank you," and a smile before she headed off.

The chapel was the place where they were supposed to pray. He knew that much, but he'd never really considered trying something like that. Having already been kicked back from death, he felt like he'd cheated the gods somehow and they probably didn't like him much. Praying to one might get him smitten or something. Though there was one he at least hoped wouldn't get mad at him. Maybe the god of music is in a listening mood...? he wondered curiously.
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When Wild Tiger realized someone was coming down his pew, he turned his long, ungainly legs to the side so the patients could get past them. There was never a good spot for them anywhere. No matter what, they were always in the way of something.

Behind his tacky black mask, the older man glanced up at the patient's face briefly and realized it was no one he had talked to before. His thoughts immediately turned back to his problems as he adjusted his mask fretfully. This piece of crap did not fit so well against his face. It itched and chafed the way his domino mask was smooth and light, almost forgettable. There had been times when he had actually forgotten to take it off before, but his partner was usually there to remind him.

His thoughts once again came full-circle back to the blond, as they usually did. They really needed to find a way out of here before they were forgotten.

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