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Night 63: Intercom, End of Night

Although most of the patients had gotten caught in the ambush outside, that didn't seem to deter the Head Doctor from making a second announcement. The intercom crackled a moment before the man's voice filtered into the dark hallways.

"You know, it's been awfully quiet here this evening," he dryly remarked. "And I'm not talking about the lack of indoor entertainment, either. It's been awhile since we've heard anything more than garbled static from our good friend from the radio." A soft chuckle. "Pity. Perhaps he's not as capable of 'helping' as some of you might have thought."

Given the faintly amused tone of his voice, some of the patients might have easily pictured the Head Doctor shaking his head to himself.

"Of course, you've got more pressing problems on your plates, don't you?" He hummed, as if in thought. "That mess I left in the Entry Room wasn't just for show. Some of you will be contending with a very similar predicament in the near future. Will you try to save yourselves for a change, I wonder? Or will you destroy yourselves in the process?"

He let that thought hang in the air like a pendulum counting down the final seconds of the evening.

"Either way, I look forward to watching you all."

With that, the announcement ended, and everything faded to black.

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