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The dark hallway opened up further ahead, with a balcony on the left-hand side overlooking a much larger room downstairs. Skulduggery resisted the urge to lean on the railing as he and Yomi approached. He'd been alive once before, for God's sake, it really shouldn't have been so difficult just to remain standing upright. Unfortunately, it was no longer just a matter of balance - now his weak and disused muscles were also conspiring to help him make a fool of himself.

He glanced down over the balcony railing into the lower room. It was difficult to see in the dark, but it looked like some sort of lounge. The ceiling that towered above it was made of glass, a fact Skulduggery only knew because of the bright stars and half-moon visible through it. It was as dark outside as it was inside.

A large and foreboding door on the far side of the railing stood wide open. It was the only open door he'd encountered thus far, and so Skulduggery held his hand up warily. The air currents drifting against his palm from that direction were mostly still, but Skulduggery wasn't sure how much of that he could trust.

"I'm going to take a guess," he said quietly, "and say that that is where you're going."
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If Yomi was in any position to care about such things, she might have been annoyed at the implication that she had willfully led him astray. She had asked for none of this--any of it.

"I told you," she said, "I really am a bad choice."

The worst choice, maybe. Category As didn’t do anyone any favors, and she… she couldn’t even die properly. Failure and disappointment practically clung to her.

But as she came nearer and nearer to the chapel doors, his hushed observation made her turn her attention back to him. “That’s a good guess.” It certainly was, and it made her think he could sense something about the room that she couldn’t. Rather than make her wary, though, the thought only increased her drive. At the very least, Yomi was a survivor. The sesshouseki still had reason to encourage her to live.

Without another word, she reached for the door handle and opened the door to the hospital’s place of worship.

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