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Night 63: Intercom

The warped sounds of garbled static filtered into the mostly-empty halls of the Institute. What sounded like someone taking in a slow, even breath was soon followed by the Head Doctor's voice.

"Well, well, well."

There was faint amusement in his words, even when he took on a mockingly paternal tone of voice. "It looks like most of you didn't quite make it back from the weekly trip to Doyleton. What a shame. To think that you all could have been tucked into your beds, safe and warm and full, if some of you hadn't gotten foolish ideas."

A soft tsk. "And by some of you, I mostly mean an idiot named Snow Villiers. Be sure to give him a nice 'thank you' tomorrow, hm? If he makes it back alive, that is. The bus repairs are going to be obnoxious, but at least he's given many of you a little bit of evening entertainment and some healthy exercise on top of that. The aquilas seem especially aggressive tonight, too. I wonder why that is..."

The Head Doctor sounded as if he knew exactly why, even if he didn't seem inclined to go into details.

"Regardless, I should extend my greetings to those of you who are waking up here for the first time, shouldn't I? Why don't you make yourselves at home? Or perhaps you'd rather wander around like rats trapped in a maze. That's perfectly acceptable, too. Just one thing, though -- if you stumble across the Entry Room, I do apologize for the mess."

On that ominous note, the intercom clicked off.

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