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Night 61: M41-50 Hallway

As strange as it was to hear the Head Doctor directly talk about the military after keeping quiet about it for so long, Claude guessed it made sense. It wasn't like it was some big secret anymore.  He had to wonder what he'd meant about meeting with other captives for an appointment, though.  Night had just started, so it wasn't like his mother had already reached the coliseum doors, and he didn't have any way to know for a fact that they'd reach the coliseum before night ended. Unless he could see into the future, anyway, but Claude doubted he had those kinds of powers.

Maybe that meant Landel was going to be too busy to watch any death matches tonight.  He could only hope.

With the doors unlocked, though, he had to focus on meeting up with Guy and Anise.  After shrugging on his Federation jacket and putting on his trusty hard hat, Claude grabbed his sword, wished Firo luck, and headed out into the hallway.

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For the first time in a long while, the Scarecrow was panicking, throwing things together. He didn't have much he carried with him during the night- his flashlight, his map, the ring— er, rings, as there seemed to be two of them now— and his two-way radio... Well, he supposed he didn't need that, as Depth Charge certainly didn't have his. The reason he knew that was the same reason for his panic: Depth Charge had been taken.

They had come so quickly, opening the door without so much as a knock. Both roommates had protested, one taken by force while the other was left behind with the warning to behave. It was for his health, they had said; however, the Scarecrow knew better. If he had learned one thing during his time at Landel's, it was that being taken away just before night fell was was never, ever a good sign.

He'd been helpless as he watched them take Depth Charge away, that feeling that had been welling in his chest clawing at him again. He had to do something. He hadn't been able to keep them from taking him in the first place, but there just had to be something he could do!

Before heading out the door, he grabbed two more things: the knife Depth Charge had given him for protection, and the winding watch from Hunk Howard's possessions for comfort. A few turns of the knob and it ticked away, reminding him of home and better times, of the friends he'd left behind. He tucked the watch into his pocket. He wasn't about to leave his friends he'd made at Landel's behind. He wasn't sure what could be done, but he was determined to think of something along the way. Sliding out of his slippers, he headed into the darkness.
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