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Day 61: Cafeteria

Needless to say, her night was a bust.

It wasn't that Ramona was trying to turn it into an absolutely safe evening in which she got nothing done. A part of her wanted to test the limits of her abilities and see what she could actually do in this place, but outside of the absolute confirmation that subspace was no longer a go, she couldn't bring herself to go much farther. Scott's words hung over her heavily. The fact that he had made it clear that he was going to continue being as affectionate as possible wanted to remove any chance of her dealing with anyone. So, though she hit another hall, she turned back around and headed back to her room. Ramona was the type of person who sometimes preferred sulking with company, but that wasn't on the plate for the night. (And she didn't want to call it sulking, either.)

She wasn't certain when she fell asleep, but when she woke up, she was sure the people in charge here had some kind of fast-forward button that they could hit whenever they got bored. That was definitely not the entire night, nor had it been the night before. Sometimes night just ended. Of course, Ramona could appreciate the need for a scene change. This place was already running on enough lame clichés to last it a lifetime. Sometimes they need to return to the daytime status quo to hit reset.

That all said, she was getting the feeling that her own waking up process was a little boring. Ramona was glad that her hair was short now because it made her feel a lot less neurotic about the lack of allowed primping. She cast a glance in the direction of her roommate's bed before she plodded out after her nurse. The woman was kind looking, which, of course, meant that she was evil. Then again, anyone could be evil. Ramona just wanted everyone to be evil right now.

(Maybe she was still sulking.)

"We've noticed that you haven't been socializing as much, Sandra," the woman said while grabbing her attention, and it was as if Ramona finally clued in that a conversation was supposed to be happening. Great, she was fitting the bill for crazy on top of incredibly irritated already. The nurse was definitely evil. And maybe a bitch, with the way her fingers freed her shoulder and she stepped back, snorted softly, and gave a shake of her head. "It's always when you're new that it's hard," the nurse added. "And we can tell you're rebellious."

"Wow, it's been a while since someone thought I was a punk rocker. Don't worry. I can socialize," Ramona assured her as she hit the cafeteria. But it looked like she was one of the first arrivals.

Ramona decided she'd get the woman off her back by grabbing a tray of food and not sitting too far from it. At least people might stumble upon talking to her if she looked available enough.

(And hopefully, that someone wouldn't be Scott. Even though she highly doubted his ability to get out of bed, he seemed to acclimate to this place enough to make an appearance with his face and his smiles and his stupid "I love you"s.)

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When he woke up, Kibitoshin swore to himself that he wouldn't let today drag by.

He swore that he wouldn't just sit around feeling sorry for himself, and he swore that he'd make a plan, and he swore that, from now on, he wouldn't fall behind everyone else. What was he doing, hiding and feeling sorry for himself? It was crazy- no, it was worse than crazy, it was borderline pathetic. And as he got up, rubbing the night from his eyes, he swore harder than ever that he was going to make the most of every single second he had.

Heading along to breakfast, the Kaioshin plucked at himself self-consciously. Sure, he wasn't fit to wear his uniform for a while, but that didn't excuse him from looking tidy altogether. The trouble was, with hair this long it was inevitable that it would get messy and tangled even without a nighttime of daring and danger to contend with. At least his beret had hidden some of it before.

Still, part of him was glad that the whole military thing was over- in the long run, the ability to hide his hair wasn't really a good trade for a stiff uniform and bad food. Kibitoshin was happy to tuck into his meal and get himself properly fed for whatever lay ahead.

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The Scarecrow only half-listened to the day's announcements, his mind elsewhere. While he and Lust hadn't gotten where he'd wanted to go, he couldn't say the night had been unproductive by any standard- the conversation had been one that turned his brain, and deep thinking like that made him believe that his human might have been working well enough after all.

Which, in turn, made him want to think about other things. Not just about his missing friends or Hunk Howard's welfare, but about Wizard Landel and how they could possibly defeat him. His mind came back to the basement- there had to be something down there, or it wouldn't be so well-guarded. He knew how to get there, but having heard multiple times how dangerous it was, it didn't bode well for him to go alone. Worse was that he couldn't turn to Depth Charge for help- his roommate would just tell him not to go down there, surely. That meant finding others.

Deciding such thoughts could wait until after he'd settled his rumbling middle, the Scarecrow took his tray and headed for an empty seat he spotted near a familiar face. "How do you do, Kibitoshin?"
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Kibitoshin was in the middle of carefully deconstructing his muffin- he wasn't going to risk ending up in an even bigger mess by trying to fit it all in his mouth at once- when the Scarecrow appeared, in encouragingly good spirits from the looks of things. And he didn't seem to be injured in any obvious way either, something made far easier to check by their switch back to the old pajama-style uniforms. After all, it was pretty easy to spot bandages winding down arms or casts bulking out a pants leg when you didn't have such stiff clothing as their military clothes.

"Good morning, Scarecrow!" He smiled back, nodding at the chair next to him. "No one's taken that place if you need somewhere to sit." Which the Kaioshin rather hoped he did, given what a good influence the man seemed to be on him. He was pretty sure that, if anything was going to cheer him up, it would be talking to the Scarecrow.

Taking a moment to cut the base of his muffin into smaller pieces, he gave the Scarecrow a hopeful look. "You look like you've been doing okay. You have, haven't you?" Maybe he wouldn't notice that Kibitoshin hadn't answered how he was if he just reflected the question right back. He didn't know if his fragile new good mood could stand talking about Peter.
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"Oh, I'm doing much better than I was, thank you," the Scarecrow replied, taking the offered seat. That much was absolutely true- while his mind still had concerns that he was the cause of his friends' disappearances in some way, it was more at ease than it had been in the past few days overall. The conversation with Lust, while it had brought forth new questions, had cleared his head of some old ones in an odd way. It was much easier to simply talk about his problems rather than keep them locked away, bottled up somewhere in his body where they could continue to hurt him from the inside out.

He was physically better, too- the bandages from both his arms were gone, leaving behind only faint, healing cuts on one, and the mottled patchwork of what he assumed were burn marks on the other. Apparently, humans didn't burn away as easily as straw and old clothes. It never ceased to amaze him what a wonder the human body was.

"You're looking chipper today," he noted. "Did something happen?"
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There! Pleased that his guess had been on the money, Kibitoshin helped himself to some of the bacon he'd pulled out of his breakfast muffin. He hadn't been eating as much as he should have done lately; obviously he needed to make up for lost time. After all, Goku ate non-stop and he was one of the most powerful men in the universe- or rather, he was going to be.

The bacon caught as a greasy lump in this throat at the Scarecrow's question, though. "Not exactly," he answered, throat convulsing in an awkward swallow. It seemed to go down awkwardly, as if he'd swallowed a snail and it was slowly crawling down his gullet. "But I'm okay."

Which would hopefully be enough to satisfy the Scarecrow. Just in case, though, he made a wild leap for the next subject and instead found himself tilting his head at the Scarecrow's arms. "Those don't look like they hurt anymore. I guess now you'll have all sorts of tough-looking battle scars to show off, right?" Thinking about it like that sort of made him wish that his own body didn't mend so quickly; maybe if he had more scars, people would take him more seriously as a fighter.
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There was something about Kibitoshin's tone that made him question whether or not his friend was telling the truth, but the Scarecrow ignored it for the time being. The thought he'd be hiding something didn't settle well with the former strawman, and given Kibitoshin's seemingly chipper mood, he didn't want to make things worse by bringing up a touchy topic so early in the day. That was a surefire way to bring someone down, and given the disappearances and people giving in to Wizard Landel's tricks, that was the last thing he wanted to do.

Instead, he focused on the other topic. "Battle scars?" The Scarecrow eyed the markings on his arms, rubbing his fingers along the spotted pattern idly. The skin there felt smoother than the rest, but it certainly didn't hurt anymore- still, it didn't match at all, as though it were a patch of another kind of fabric covering a hole. It made him even curiouser as to how the human body worked and healed itself. It wasn't as though said patch had been sewn on, as it would've been had he still been made of old clothes, even though it did resemble that in a way.

His eyes returned to his tablemate, wider. "You mean these won't go away eventually?"
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Ah- was that the wrong thing to say? It was easy to forget that the people in this place weren't necessarily warriors; scars could be just as much of a nuisance as they could be trophies if you didn't have the same sort of fighting background as Kibitoshin did. After all, some people even thought they were ugly! And while the Scarecrow didn't seem like the vain sort, maybe they still weren't all that high up on his list of desirable physical traits.

"Well, not necessarily," Kibitoshin corrected himself hurriedly with an awkward smile. "They could still totally heal up. But sometimes if the injuries are really deep or don't get taken care of properly they can scar, yes."

Though, having said that, the Institute always took perfect care of their injuries, so maybe he'd been wrong from the get-go. "N-not that I'm an expert on healing like that or anything," added the healer. "How did you get them in the first place?"
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The Scarecrow pondered his arms again, supposing to himself that he could at least tell the severity of some of the injuries he'd received based upon the scars that were left behind. It was an after-the-fact sort of method, but was better than nothing to a man ignorant of how the human body repaired itself. Considering he'd thought the care given by the nurses was very good— again, he had no real basis for comparison, but they were attentive enough— his injuries must have been far more awful than he thought. No wonder Carter had looked at his arm in such horror the night they ran into the Burning Man.

"I was attacked by birds a couple of nights ago," he said, pointing to the long cuts on his left arm. He held out his right afterward. "And this came from a fire wizard I saw some time ago. I knew fire was dangerous, but it turns out it's almost as bad for humans as it is for people made of straw. This was wrapped up forever, and now it looks like this. I suppose I should be glad it didn't burn away completely. I'd really hate to lose this arm, since I don't think they can be replaced so easily anymore."
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The birds Kibitoshin knew, but the other thing... "A fire wizard?" he repeated, eyes wide with surprise- and maybe even a little fear. "Th-that's crazy! I can't believe they have wizards here as well!" He bit his lip, anxious. "You're terribly lucky to have gotten away, you know. Those things are horrible!"

Actually, that was kind of worrying. If they had even more of those, who was to say that there wasn't someone here on par with Bibidi or Babidi? As far as he knew, they could have been working with Landel to create a second Majin Buu or something equally terrible! Maybe that was even how they mind controlled patients into attacking people- by bringing out their inner evil with a spell in the same way that Babidi could. He'd have to look especially closely next time he ran into someone, just to check for the 'M' on their forehead.

There was, however, still something nagging away at the Kaioshin. He hesitated- then dived in with his question. "What exactly is a fire wizard, anyway?"
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There was a moment's pause before the Scarecrow started laughing. Something about the way Kibitoshin had spoken- all his build up for just how terrifying and awful fire wizards could be, only to then ask what one was- reminded him very much of a dear friend from Oz.

"You'll have to pardon me!" he said, the smile still worn into his face. "I didn't mean to laugh at you, but what you said made me think of my friend, the Cowardly Lion. Believe me, he would've been afraid of fire wizards before knowing what one was, too. They're people who can conjure fire—" he snapped his fingers "— just like that! Very dangerous to those of use who are afraid of that sort of thing. And if they use it against you, this is apparently what happens." He held up his arm again with a serious look.

He paused for a second. "I suppose they're not all that different from other witches and wizards, though the one we saw here definitely only used fire. That was bad enough, if you ask me."
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Oops. Kibitoshin winced slightly, managing a wobbly, embarrassed smile as the Scarecrow began to laugh. Okay, he couldn't take that one too much to heart when he had been kind of silly there. Maybe he should have thought that one through before he spoke. "It's okay," he managed with a little laugh of his own. "I kind of walked into that one. Me and my big mouth."

On the plus side, though, he'd made the Scarecrow laugh! That had to be a good thing! It certainly helped that there wasn't a shred of derision in it- it seemed that the man was entirely incapable of anything even approaching mean-spirited from five hundred yards. Not that he really appreciated being equated to a 'Cowardly Lion', of course, but he had to admit that there was probably a little truth in the comparison.

There was something a little odd about the Scarecrow's description, though. "He made fire with his hands?" he repeated thoughtfully, head to one side. "You know, ordinarily I can do something very similar! I could definitely set something on fire if I wanted to. I'm not a wizard, though, that's for sure."
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"You can?" the Scarecrow asked, both surprised and a little frightened, if he was honest with himself. He knew Kibitoshin wouldn't hurt him, of course, but just the thought that he could conjure fire like the Wicked Witch or the Burning Man sent a strange feeling down his back, one he wasn't entirely sure he liked. It was that innate fear within him, his sense of self-preservation still remembering his straw body rather than adjusting to his human one. It happened with Mele, too- then again, she'd said she wasn't a witch, either.

"Well, I don't know of anyone who can do that but witches and wizards," he said. "Not that all witches or wizards are bad just because they can start a fire with just a thought. Though if you're not a wizard, what are you?"